Taylor, Shariff



- Submission - 1. Wednesday 6-17-2020 "Misunderstood" My life in a California Prison has been exceptionally hard, due to being misunderstood by my peers because they don't know anything about the different spectrums of sexual orientation and identity in the L.G.B.T.Q.+ community, so trying to explain this to everyone is difficult, but I feel is worth it to maybe stop people from hating us or pre-judging my people. Although the prison system only has two destinations, male and transgender; I identify as gender fluid specifically in the trans category. What I think is difficult for these inmates to digest is the fact that even though I look manly from all outward appearances, I have a feminine ways, wear bras and panties, plus have breast due to hormone treatment medication which I've been taking since July 5th, 2019. It took me years to just get to this stage of my transition, so I'm proud to be an in-the-open-to-everyone <even family> transgender. Yes, there was those who made jokes or felt I betrayed them. Also, there was the thoughts that I made mistake coming out as transgender from bi-sexual too fast, then I come around out of my confusion. To be honest, there are times I like when dudes flirt with me, then I remember they most likely only flirting to get sex. There are real relationships types in here but I want to make sure I'm prepared for that mentally and emotionally before I move on to that stage. The support from my fellow trans has been spotty at best, so I have to be strong and learn a lot on my own. Support by my mom is a huge part of my confidence and self-esteem. So far, I've been accepted in every circle of people I've come across so far. My fear is that I'll have to start over with the process of rejection and acceptance by peers if I'm transferred to another prison. Well, that's basically a little of what I go through daily. Life is a never ending learning process, which I embrace wholeheartedly, y'all should to! Sincerely Shariff Taylor R.J.D.C.F.-C-14-217 480 Alta Road San Diego, CA. 92179

Author: Taylor, Shariff

Author Location: California

Date: June 17, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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