Modern concentration death camps

Brownell, Charles A.



FD P1 Modern Concentration Death Camps During the Nazi Regime under control of Adolf Hitler, the German Nazi SS soldiers shook the world in World War II of the 1940's. For Hitler's "Great Resolution" the Nazis created prison compounds to hold, enslave, and murder 7 million Jews and an additional 6 million of various other Nationalities and Religious beliefs including the Polish, Russians, and French. The Nazi Regime claimed the lives of approximatly 13 million Peoples with a Sickly Grotesque attempt to exterminate the Jews. The compounds were found to be concentration campus latter called "Death Camps" where millions were enslaved, abused, raped, and murdered of all ages and genders. Appallingly barbaric inhumane and illegal atrocities committed within those prison walls. The Prisoners were branded with numbers, names forgotten, forced into slavery as they are poorly cared for or fed. The majority murdered as punishment or to free up space and resources. The world remembers and still suffers the nightmares what took place at those death camps that are also mass burial grounds. Today, January, 2020, Arkansas and all other states as well as the Federal Government, 75 years later still build and operate functioning Death Camps all over the United States called "Prisons." Nazi "Death Camps" were prisons designed with multiple fences that consisted of chain link, barbed wire, something not much different from modern Razor wire, and electrified death fences. The tops of the fences curled in towards the facility to keep people in. Open barracks for living quarters with bunk beds in steel and re-enforced concrete, steel doors, and iron bars. Small communal bathrooms and large showers that can easily be turned P2 into gas chambers and group showers. Crowd control corridors and dining areas. Compare these designs to prison facilities even paying close attention to the archaic insides of them. This is particularly accurate if you compare these "Death Camps" to the prisons in the State of Arkansas ran by the Arkansas Department of Correction (ADC). There is no difference! The Survivors, bless their souls, cried out, "Never again!" The very people that helped save them, the United States Government, today, forces its own people into the exact same conditions as the Nazi Death Camps. It would destroy the Nazi Death Camp survivors to see the U.S. Death Camps called Prisons, Detention Centers, or Correctional Facilities. It would kill them to see the children, women, and men who are forced into the slavery and abuse in these facilities and to know millions are murdered by the U.S. Government inside of these prisons exactly like what they had to survive. Prisons in the United States are supposed to be Reform and Rehabilitation centers which is what the Government sells them to the public and world as. They're instead Death Camps that dish out punishment in the form of torture and abuse of all forms as well as mass murder. The Prison employees are all supposed to be "Public Servants of Rehabilitation" not abusers and executioners. Their basic job, to protect the people not to injure or kill them. Killing a Person, taking a life intentionally for any reason is murder. There is no justification for deliberatly taking a life! Killing for the sake of Revenge or Punishment is Murder! FD P3 Modern Concentration Death Camps Why would the United States only sign off on making Genocide illegal if they could make it where the U.S. couldn't be bound by it? Look at the Native American (Indians) and African Americans... the United States has committed the illegal act of Genocide many times and continues to. The U.S. does the exact same thing Hitler did with what it views as its own "undesirables" of whom are mostly their own citizens. What is really heinous is that the U.S. has industrialized the trade and slavery, even the rape and murder of their own people and Arkansas is a really strong predatory state for it. The Government "Justifies" the imprisonment of Children, Sons, Daughters, Mothers, Fathers, Grand Mothers, and Grand Fathers, all Peoples in Archaic Death Camps under disguised lies of the Reform and Rehabilitation of errant People. In Arkansas, the prisons are so archaic and terrible they're just like the ones that horrified and appouled the world in the 1940's. This has caused so many cases against the State and a movie to be made about it that is about the Cummins and Tucker Units. In the late 60's the Case Holt v. Sarver rocked the Federal Government to find such archaic and barbaric conditions and murders that it was compared to the Nazi Death Camps of the 1940's. In this case's wake the movie Brubaker was made. The 1970's found the Finney Cases in Finney v. Arkansas Board of Correction and the Smith cases of Smith v. Rudd and Smith v. Arkansas Board of Correction. There are many more all the way up to current dates. The actions and atrocities of the Holocaust are alive P4 and strong in the State of Arkansas and all other Prison facilities. All people incarcerated in the United States suffer the atrocities of death camps. Arkansas Department of Correction death records and totals would blow minds. Many murders covered as "Natural causes", "Drug Overdose", "Inmate-on-Inmate Brutality", and "Escape." The bodies inside the walls and in the grounds of Cummins Unit, the bodies in the ground of Tucker Unit, Varner, Tucker Max, all ADC units tell a different story. All units have killing chambers called "Isolation" or "The Hole" and Cummins has the Death/Killing Rooms. How many around the U.S. are Death Camps just like Arkansas? Many think it is sick to compare Arkansas Prisons and U.S. Prisons to the Nazi Death Camps... that it's horrible... It is because this truth is terrible that no one wants to admit to it. This comparison is so accurate it scares the hell out of people and it should! Arkansas is so bad and Holt v. Sarver as well as the movie Brubaker and the Finney Cases are All mentioned in "Introduction to Criminal Justice" Text Books... Research it and see. Research the cases mentioned and cases against Arkansas Department of Correction, Arkansas Board of Correction, Arkansas Board of Parole, Arkansas Community Correction, Correct Core Solutions, Con Med, and Well Path. There are many that were settled outside of Court thus have no Rulings. Some, contact with the person was lost by everyone! The worst part for the U.S. Death Camps is that in 1996 president Bill Clinton, former Governor of Arkansas and ring FD P5 Modern Concentration Death Camps leader of ADC, signs special legislation into law called the Prison Litigation Reform Act (PLRA) and other laws to reduce, severely restrict, and stop prisoners from being able to fight their abusers and murderers in court for relief. They created laws to protect themselves from their own crimes, put in place by an Arkansas politician that was part of the worst Death Camp human trafficking system of the country. This is of no surprise. Hitler did the same thing. The conditions, the overcrowding, the abuse, the torture, the slavery, the lack of care, the defense, the Look, the coincidences all to similar. You don't imprison a Child for years and/or murder them because you don't like them, disagree with them, they made a mistake, and/or because they have mental disorders needing mental health help in self control. Unfortunatly, these reasons are exactly what Arkansas does to its Children, Women, and Men. These people only need behavioral therapy and mental health care, not incarcerated to be used and abused, and made worse by a Predatory System... some will sadly be murdered. The effects and nightmares of the Concentration Death Camps are being felt and remembered not just by the survivors from World War II but also by the people and their families who've survived Prison or has a family member die in the prison. This is very true for those who suffer the dissolute Arkansas Death Camps. The survivors of the Nazi Death Camps said "Never again!" As a Nation the United States needs to honor all the survivors and their families and shut down all P6 the activity and death camps they fought to eradicate in the 1940's World War II by destroying and closing all prisons putting an End to this system and a beginning to real mental health care, behavioral therapy, real corrections and rehabilitation. Currently in Arkansas, the Name is forgotten and the system has branded me as # in this Modern Concentration Death Camp.

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: February 13, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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