Modern-day slavery

Velthuysen, Christopher John



Modern-Day Slavery From a Natural-Born White Citizen Growing up (white) in prison and being around other white folks was & still is weird for me, as I was raised in the 70's & 80's in Detroit's east side; went to an all-black high school; and had no white friends, until being incarcerated at (17) years old. By being in an environment like prison where not only the guards treat you like a piece of (****); but you have to battle the whole system of prison/government officials just to survive, so once you are eventually released on parole or discharge of sentence; you come out of the system "(changed)" for the good! This type of rehabilitation is very hard but can be done (if) you are willing to change! The prison system doesn't want you to succeed but fail, so they can "profit" off of your "slavery" while you are incarcerated. There are many ways they do this: but the most glaring ways are: 1)The prison job wages are so low, I can sell a bag of coffee (shot by shot) and make more (money) in (2) days than most jobs (except: unit laundry and paralegal) make per month. The average prison job in Michigan is $8.57 per day; or $11.40 per month; and they put you to work! I personally have been "indigent status" for (10) years now, as my account never goes over $12.00 per month; and I'm forced to use these (little) funds for [store purchases] (i.e. stamps, $0.58, food and drink items, cosmetics, writing supplies, batteries) etc., and it is very hard to "save" for anything. To put it in perspective, it took me (4.5) years to save enough to purchase a television and typewriter ($352.12). 2)The other glaring way is lack of education! Michigan only has federal pell grants for three schools. I have just been sent the admission forms and applications, but it has taken me (7.5) years; and I still have to (find)(someone) or (organization) who will "(sponsor)" me; as I will need: registration fees, tuition fees, course fees, and textbook fees. This will be "nearly impossible", as no one wants to (sponsor an inmate for college), even though he's trying to better himself! So, when the prisoner does his "(time)"; he's paroled or discharged with nothing! I am up for "parole" in 2024; and I'm terrified of "(how)" I will fair in society; with: (no money, housing, clothes, food, transportation, cosmetics, etc), as I have been incarcerated for (30) years now; my whole life or just about half hopefully; and what I've learned to do is to [ask God-Jehovah] for his guidance and loving hand; as I go back into society! Anyone willing to assist me with "(information)", (sponsorship to college), or (an encouraging letter) please write me at: Christopher J. Velthuysen Baraga, Michigan Note: I will respond to all letters!

Author: Velthuysen, Christopher John

Author Location: Michigan

Date: August 1, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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