Money and power corrupts

Hughes, Chris



"Money and Power Corrupts" Chris Hughes 4-25-18 I'm locked up. I sit idle doing basically nothing all day, every day. Well, how do I have any ambition? I have no idea of a realistic place I'm aiming for. Where do I go now? Every inmate has their own time. Some long term, some short. What can I imagine doing, that's not illegal, when I get out? "Luckily", I am "disabled", so I can get a check. But what's a $400 or $500 check-a month? My case is basically moot now because the system has already ruined me for good. But there are young men who still have their lives in front of them. So why the lack of realistic help and programs for prisoners who only know the street life. A lot of them are illiterate. I'm not as studied as I'd like to be. I'm always trying to learn. I love to learn new things. Isn't that the whole point? It gives us motivation and happiness. A sense of accomplishment. But prisoners only learn to carry a knife and fight. And/Or live life in a solitary confinement cell/cage. We have committed crimes and we're being punished. OK. I get that. But like it or not, we are still only human. We all sin. We should be punished. But we should also be helped. A majority of our problems originate from ignorance! So we need to learn. That's punishment. We "learn" a lesson! But we learn nothing useful. So, I get out, where do I go? How do I survive as an ignorant young man? I'm not young anymore. As a prisoner I can see, looking back, that I could have been helped. But hindsight is always 20/20. I can see. I could devise much better programs to help prisoners. That is a worthwhile goal. If we help prisoners learn a lesson, a good lesson, then we help society. The Department of "Safety" does not make society "safer". It breeds killers. Animals. Literally. And jobs are not in abundance for unskilled workers. Especially ones with a "felon" label. The Department of "Safety" keeps us locked in cages and leaves us for long periods of time all alone. We can have a heart attack or stroke and nobody will help. They'll just find you dead then turn around and sell your dead body back to your family for $200. Pretty deprived if you ask me. The system is corrupt beyond what most people can imagine. It is not benevolent. I believe most people believe that the system is good and does no wrong. But... We are all sinners. We are not a one of us infallible. We all do wrong. Especially if the money is right. These people treat us like dogs. As if we're a lower life form. Some of us have done heinous things. Very bad things. But thats a minority. That majority have not done so bad of things. Some have only had possession charges. Some steal. Some defend their lives. Yet, they get prosecuted regardless. The prosecutors only want convictions-they care not for guilt or innocence. Their job is only too put the accused in jail; period. The jury pool is always made up of people who've never had more than a traffic ticket. so they believe (most of them) that the "all benevolent" police, courts, DA's and judges are always right and can do no wrong. They think the "law" is about justice. It's not-its about the "letter of the law". So, right or wrong, if you violate that then you're guilty period. Of course that letter doesn't apply to police who kill civilians for target practice and get 2 week paid vacations to boot. Why the law for me but not for thee? It pisses me off, to be blunt. Bad. It amazes me how they get away with it. And hardly anyone is standing up. Even after Rodney King. But the police are the good old boys. People call them heroes. Some do some good but not most. Because they enforce unjust laws! Therefore people overcrowd prisons. We need to stand up! "I'd rather die standing up that live kneeling down". That's a great saying by a Cuban guy whom I forget his name. (I believe its Jose Mart) So stand up. Fight Tyranny. A paid police force is naturally corrupt. They will enforce unjust laws for the money. Think about that. Our Founding Fathers created the Posse Comitatus Militias. They were not paid and did not enforce laws if they felt they were unjust. How we've strayed! Chris Hughes

Author: Hughes, Chris

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: April 25, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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