Ms. Ogyny

Zab Real



"Ms. Ogyny" by Zab Real As a society, we seem not to be aware of, or to never even stop to seriously think of how dangerous and destructive the Rule of Law is designed to separate the male convict in the Department of Corrections from the healthy relationship and guidance of our women. What brought me to this inquiry? Well, two things... First, I was sitting in my cell one evening watching television and found myself completely glued to a "special" that was ran on the PBS Broadcasting Station about Feminism, and the Feminist movement of the 1970's... And after hearing the interviews of many successful professional women, and really listening to the backstories of their rise to Feminine liberation, my views of Feminism as a man was instantly challenged... Now, ashamed of my ignorance, I always had assumed that Feminism was clearly a direct hatred of all men. I assumed this because that is how popular society had depicted the Feminine movement. I was confusing Feminism with Sexism... Then I started to wonder of how many other men lived in this same ignorance as I have about our strong, courageous women? The second thing that brought me to this inquiry was based on my firsthand experience in seeing how women are treated in the prison environment... Where it is only natural for men to be attracted to the fairer sex; the continuous degrading of overly sexual catcalls, and verbal assaults endured by women at all hours of the day can grow to be disgusting even to the most hardened convict... Now, just imagine for a moment how years and years of this kind of mental perversion can find itself permanently embedded in a man's soul, and then being taken out into our society where mere thoughts can now be acted upon... Do I personally believe that every word spoken should be taken to heart? No, not at all. But I do understand deeply the power of thought, and that even in the midst of our jesting, a man's heart is revealed to the world on how his thoughts are constructed based on his views, opinions and his understanding of life. UNDUE FAMILIARITY: Means that no inmate shall solicit, encourage, establish, or participate in any type of personal relationship with any staff member, contract personnel, volunteer, or employee of any other organization in charge of the inmate... This is the Rule of Law, but any, and everyone, who has ever worked in Corrections knows that this standard is highly impossible due to the many issues that officers have to face when, not only dealing with convicts as a whole, but also understanding the convict as an individual as well. What makes it worse is that this standard is only targeted at the female staff causing them to behave more shrewdly than their male counterparts, which in turn brings forth all of the disrespect and misconceptions. What society does not realize though is that when a young woman starts a career as an officer in her teens, or early 20's, she hardly learns how to conduct herself in the prison environment through tedious hours of classroom training, but is truly instructed on how to survive; how to single-handedly control a whole cellhouse; and how to gain the utmost respect from even the most combative inmate, by becoming familiar with, and learning the mental concepts of the Intellectual Con... And in becoming familiar by this sense, the woman surely inherits the vision of what convicts deem the REAL Prison Psychoanalysis. And, yes, this theory does have a self-proclaimed name in which I love to call... GIRL POWER!!! You see, years ago I became fascinated with my understanding of Girl Power in the prison environment and started to silently observe how seasoned, high ranking, female officers handled their convicts, and I also paid very close attention to how the convicts responded more positively when there was a consistent woman working the cellhouse that possessed the attributes of Motherly affection. Ordinarily, you will have two character traits that are adopted by women working Corrections... The first which is the traditional officer training, is the "Manly Woman" who tries hard to gain her respect of convicts through prudish acts of discipline, and with constructive force. She tries to put on her best "Macho" impersonation but soon realizes how aggressively testy a bunch of men can become in a highly testosteroned environment. This is the woman who is always disrespected, sexually harassed, most hated, and in some cases physically assaulted... In the convicts mind she becomes Ms. Ogyny. Now the real work of art is displayed by the women who knows her Girl Powers... She understands that in a cellhouse full of rambunctious men she automatically becomes Queen. There is a saying that goes "A man cries out for a Doctor, when really all that he desires is attention"... In light of this, she understands that when she comes into contact with a frustrated man who's locked up in a cell ranting and raving, all he really needs is "15 seconds of fame" (attention). She understands the basic need to "feel important" and realizes how valuable it is to forgotten souls...She knows that even with her Girl Powers, she still has to develop thick skin for the mentally incompetent inmate who identifies every woman with Ms. Ogyny, but in due time she will start to become a fan favorite and notice that the Intellectual Con's have grown to become her silent protectors. Often times they even go as far as ridiculing those that disrespect her... Where at first, being attached abstractly to her Correctional Costume, she was just another officer, she has now chiseled a image deep in the concrete of the hardened heart as being a REAL WOMAN. Through the years I have given many women this valuable tool. Some, get it!... Some, don't!... Some appreciate it... Other's, consider it a joke... But like all natural law, just because you don't realize it, doesn't mean it isn't REAL and eternal. So I encourage all of our beautiful, strong women in power to keep a light heart when dealing with your socially impaired men, and to please continue to delightfully guide us using your God given Girl Power's, so that we wont foolishly fall victim to loving Ms. Ogyny. *Misogyny - is a foolish ignorant hatred of our women. By author Zab Real

Author: Zab Real

Author Location: Kansas

Date: April 8, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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