Kirk, Justin



Justin Kirk #AK-1772 MUSE A lucky man is driven by inspiration but a blessed one has found inspiration in some mortal woman to him alone was a goddess. She was his muse. The word muse means just that inspiration. And that is why we have museums- to showcase the finest pieces of inspiration the world has to offer. Prisoners don't have museums and most of our art is showcased on the skin on men and women just like us. And for generations we've been considered taboo. But the truth is we're more similar than you might think. Every contributor in this book would give you the shirt off of his back if you truly needed it and yet that same man would have cracked someone’s head open if they hurt someone he cared about. And that is why we are silenced not because we're bad men but because we haven't been taught how to be good ones. My muse taught me that. She saw in me everything that was beautiful and she wouldn't stand for it when I accepted less for myself. Like calling prison my ‘home’. She made me believe that I could earn my freedom and be a good man, because that's the way she saw it. Because of her now l’rn on a new journey. I'm inspired to see where I will go and who I will become. I'm striving for greatness we all are. But it's not a selfish greatness that we're striving for, it’s a philosophical one. Like my friend once told me: "’ we have to do all of the good in the world to make up for those we have taken and all of the destruction we've caused. S So that is why we're educating ourselves and reaching out to the world. Not because we want help but because we want to give back, we want to help those who find comfort in our words, our art, our inspiration. Because for some of us you are our muse. Your our Inspiration.

Author: Kirk, Justin

Author Location: California

Date: April 10, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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