My challange

Roberts, Kyle



Kyle Roberts Potosi Correctional Center (MO) My Challenge There are many distinctions in the world but, who will be the masters of creation, out of them, who will know whats right and who will be loyal enough to fight for it. Who will stand up to the challenge; our mere survival depends on it. We have not yet made it as a civilized world, first we must know what it takes to be civilized, is it ethics; condemning ones to outlawry; is it health and humane condition. I challenge the world to wisdom to survive and be the fittest because, isn't being fit, knowing how to survive? Does civilization depend on these principles. I challenge the world in the adverse for finding comfort in the demise, it has created for us because, pain is all it feels; is all we have is to share only in agony. We ask, "Who created such place"? Where we find comfort in agony; healing in policy, do not defame ourselves. Law of mater, laws of man or law of God? So many laws, to which shall we conform? I stick to the first because, it same material, our destination is destruction without it. I challenge the world to wisdom. I challenge with intelligence; to the heart of the problem, when they cheat and lie to the taxpayers then charge us with extortion. They call us manipulative yet they got mental health, which the Jewish leaders and the government gets control. Uprise and stand to the challenge; go beyond the depths of sea and think. This is a conspiracy but, I am the one charged with paranoia. I am sick of this way of life but, I am the one doing time, my morals aren't there morals; I live by a different code. I am the one without ethics but there the ones that carry the gun and weapons preying on societies mistakes but I am the one still human. I wake up and live the struggle, the one for change against the conservative mind, my reality is different then theres. I am savage and think of my own survival. Mental health is a way to manipulate you so you are at there mercy, they play a guilt trip and play on peoples emotions, to make you think you are inadequate, they manipulate you and make money doing it, as long as you are unconscious. They weaken your mind with drugs and make you believe you have a illness, the biggest scam of mankind. They get more powerful as long as you let them. You got to take them at there strategy; this is a war as long as they are killing us. Societies brainwashed and the government is the greatest manipulator of all. They weaken your mind and are taking our race. Eliminating us one by one, your not a threat as long as they get you off balance. There is no justice for the poor as long as you pay for their drugs, you stay poor. They say there going to use this money for medical and better justice department, they must have a purpose but, they keep their feet on our necks on purpose. We must stand or we will fail. The bible belt is the ruin of mankind, it feeds the guilt and weakens you, in same breath pass judgment but, who is the judge of mater. Can you conform to the material, the Christians and government does not allow it, its survival of the fittest and are you going to let them win. They are killing us one by one, if its not physically, they take your mind. They pay money to break you and kill you, to conform to there morals; if they make you or break you, if they break you; you are unfit but the one that shows the most resistance will truly [?] win the fight. This is my struggle, fight them with knowledge; when you can't with brute force. We are trapped like a animal, when all you have left is wisdom, this is what separates us from the beast. Enhance your life with the woman you marry, strong genes and intelligence, find dominance within your race for better gene pool. So we can have elite fighting force against government; exert your power and influence to fight another day. Raise warriors, don't turn the other cheek, did they do that before Jesus? Be conscience of what weakens your race. Join the fight; join my struggle, bureaucracy has not been properly challenged... Open your mind, prison is made for rapist and some murders. What if the murder was trying to protect his family; a rape can turn into a murder two ways: by the aggressor anyone who rapes and murders shall die, then two elements shall mean death on the guy was protecting his family, the government justifies murder all the time. I believe in the human condition. I only believe people go hungry because people let them, man only rapes when we let them, some of these guys should've never made it to prison. The property damagers, this should be jail time, there taking life at the expense of property. Prison is a place for rapist and murders, who kill without a cause. Drug abuse is a disease; diseases can be treated. They shutdown Dyce [?] Wards to build prison, schools to build prison for lack of funding. It costs more to send someone to prison for one year, than it does for someones to graduate Harvard, but if you gave these guys even a half a chance just think of the intelligence going to waste. We complain we don't have enough in the world. This is life or death and if we fail, it is certain death, if we win, we must have the knowledge to win; win at all costs. With commitment there is no limit. I believe they cannot control a creative mind. They can't deceive intelligence, there living on my life, and feed themselves with your tax money. Could they be doing something more productive? Could we if there was no prison. Did not all we needed was a little direction. If we consistently look for peoples faults your going to find them. The only way I cope is knowing someday, I can, move that mountain. Challenge your mind and your human condition; fight for rights and purpose. I challenge you to battle to fight one last fight for your ground against America! The economics of it all is to starve the government of taxes. Where are the farmers that lived off the land, we get so caught up in life, we forget, we can't eat money and live, we can't protect our land if we don't got none. When it is taken over by government buildings. I survive knowing I contribute to the cause, let savage win, let your instincts prevail, let what is material succeed; test mater you must fail but become one with mater and and you will surely succeed. We live out of the material, we will not survive if we keep feeding destruction. I am so discussed with pollution. I just want to get out and plant tress. I survive knowing I can give back. I survive knowing I can breathe. I survive knowing, I contribute, knowing my opinions matter. Prison does not work because it isn't material, like freedom and it preys on poor and makes people more poor by supporting it. They got more blacks in system because they're poor; poor white guys, it doesn't discriminate; just less whites are poor. Could these guys be business men would this not help economics and bring hobs, as long as you feed the government, they will always be fat. Locking us up is means of survival for them. I challenge you to the fight. We are conformed to the idea to swallow pride and walk with our hands down but, no, "pride is how you survive," pride keeps you alive and your enemies at bay. When I fight for rights; I am fighting for yours too. For the betterment of our human condition. We need more rules built on respect, that don't intervene on peoples privacy. If the government minded its own business, we wouldn't have government. They are not content in taking just our money but, property and life too. After my people died they took his property, it went to probate court, they sold it to insurance brokers on countless steps. The insurance broker didn't find it worthy, and burned it down to build what they wanted. So they succeeded in taking my property and now my life or a good portion of it. The score is not yet settled. I am not content in government domineering its people, you won't see me at the gates of mercy, begging to be let in. I guess you can say, "I'm a radical humanist who preserves the right to challenge." Are we not, there enemies. Listed as enemies of state, when do we get our reprisal. This is just there war, I am just in it. Just because, our morals are not there morals; we live in solitary confinement. We live at there program, but, no I am a material being, all the infamous/famous outlaws were shot in the back of head by cowards. Jesse James took on the railroad, Dillanger robbed banks, but, said, to one man, "he don't rob from the poor" and told him, "to keep his money" and he wasn't a coward when he shot it out with police. He pushed the women out of way and shot it out instead of using them as shields. Modern cops put up all-point bulletins, "armed and dangerous" this means they can shoot you on site. Should officer be armed or does this escalate violence; should someone get more time for assault on officer or are they the ones decided to put themselves in situation the same they claim for us. They cause violent acts and justify it in name of safety. I have never misused a gun. I got a non-violent case, that don't have to do with weapons. Yet, my gun rights are suspended. You can deescalate violence, not by taking guns but, by limiting the caliber of bullet or size of gun or guns designed clips, to fit the purpose; lower caliber for hunting rifles are for hunting and not abridge hunting rights. Make more violent offenses jail time and not felonies because non-violent acts don't involve guns that abridges right. "The right to bear arms shall not be abridged." Guns are for safety of motion and for hunting so poor don't go hungry but at hands of government we stave. Guns should be concealed from children and taught at young age how to respect it and value of life and integrity, so they are not misused. At age 24 you should be able to choose what you put in your body and why people at a young age, who are introduced to drugs, this should be a crime but, at age 24, your minds fully developed to make decision, all drugs shall be out reach of children and if the habit gets to bad or you no longer want that life, you are given rehabilitation, not prison at anytime. Unless you do something worthy of prison because of drugs; drugs shall not be used as a pseudonym or excuse. Drugs shutdown pain, enhance receptors, you should be able to feel the way you want but, there should be penalty for [?] the law. Through education you can be responsible. Instead of government, there should be committees that use tax money for roads, schools and such. "Taxation without representation is tyranny." Can we not survive without government; government will not survive without us, does government not use us to survive. We are in tyranny and the government is domineering its people. All we need is education and roads. They even went as low as taxing prisoners (in Missouri) which have no income. Is [?] now a profession; were they can tax us? We are 8 trillion dollars in debt and we are still growing and making little progress. Can we not charge gasoline tax for roads to go to hwy department not government but just that extention, take only a fraction of peoples money for education and let everything else go. First before reform we need to pay off this tragic debt. We do not need government to survive and government only survives because, we let them. When they charged tax on tea did we not rebel is this not the American spirit so, why are we paying our government to coddle us. What if everyone who got a charge was sentenced to years of college, ordered to go to school. Can we not teach ethics less decide who is capable of them or not. We can still have court for redress to be heard is what America was founded on but people who use courts should pay to use them to keep them going with fees so it keeps people from filing frivolous cases. What if all courts was civil and even criminal stuff as booked at as civil? What if when you got a DUI you was educated about the effects because you can get to anyone. You was sent to forced classes without time. We don't have time for time; all we got time for is to make a difference. What if the people that killed and raped was killed but for no other reason then this and this person was given 7 years to prove his/her innocence. Rapist and murders are what prison is made for, all prisons self-sufficient and build no more only use the ones we got. "Is not it the burden of society to protect the innocent, is it not better for 10 guilty people be released then for one innocent shall suffer." Is it not on the consciousness of mankind for the betterment of the human condition for tragic change, does not everyone need human dignity to survive is this not civilization. We need to survive before we die and our planet looks like Mars. Should we not be worried about the environment and survival of human race instead of how to degrade, dehumanize and start war. Is not war more civilized then hunger and starvation is not hunger and starvation more civilized then disease should not these things be our focus then how to trap people in square boxes. When we won independence; it wasn't independence from government but this is how government works they make people dependent on them if not they wouldn't exist just think about being in prison, your food brought to you, everything you get state issued, food, water, shelter, close, hardly no sunlight; there is no room for advancement. We are training to live in a democratic society. Where the bureaucrats rule and make money doing it, by manipulating you, they only make laws in consideration of themselves we are just how they they want us handicapped and restrained from fighting back whoever thinks this way is in institutions if it be mental or prisons. So they can do with us how they please without consequence. We need to regain our independence from our government. The more sweat the less blood spilt. So we got to put in our work and do our part. Lets work together, to be able to probe a blackhole, lets build a spaceshuttle, built fast enough to warp time, lets build houses for poor but whatever we do lets do it together! Law steals what is material, we are worried about getting out of primitive conditions should we not be worried about getting into them was the earth not clean there are things that should stay material, there are others that call for advancement like probing blackholes learning how to use cyberspace, or harnessing every from blacked out holes. We might need these things for when our sun decides to blow-up and I don't want to depend on extraterrestrials for there technology when this time comes when we meet them I want to be just as advanced as them. Who's to say we won't be died off by the time by blowing up the earth but I want to be moving in right direction. We are to immature for this kind of intelligence (the use of bombs). We take plants that are used for food and put chemicals in them for godsake but we expect to expand our horizons. We are killing our people because we are afraid we don't have enough resources but never think of expanding our resources. These laws regulate our life and take us so far from survival that the fit are unable to survive properly, that intelligence is unable to know; life for life and to each his own. The only thing right in life is might. We need might to fight. Where is the world without challenge. Transcribed in 2017.

Author: Roberts, Kyle

Author Location: Missouri

Date: October 18, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 14 pages

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