My destiny, my dream.

Owens, Dexter



My Destiny, My Dream Essay: Number 1 Destiny: Definition - Something to which a person is destined: Fortune a predetermined course of events often held to be an irresistible power or agency. Dream: Definition - A visionary creation of the imagination: a strongly desired goal or purpose. Sounds like an interesting topic, huh? It is when you live every moment of your life chasing whatever is meant for you life to unfold or be. I would like to share a few phrases and quotes before I begin this essay. Phrases - Fate can be taken by the horns, like a goat, and pushed in the right direction; it is written; what must be must be; che sara sara; c' est la vie; (Meaning: what will be will be. That's life! That's how things happen.) Quotations - There's a divinity that shapes our ends (Shakespeare) This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny (F.D. Roosevelt), The destiny of the colored the destiny of America (Frederick Douglass), [Destiny is] a tyrant's authority for crime and a fool's excuse for failure (Ambrose Bierce) Phrases - Dreams go by contraries; dreams may retain the infirmities of our character; morning dreams come true. Quotations - The interpretation of dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind (Sigmund Freud), Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter (John Keats), Where there is no imagination, there is no horror (A. Conan Doyle), Vision is the art of seeing things invisible (Jonathan Swift), What the imagination seizes as beauty must be truth (John Keats), Imagination is more important than knowledge (Albert Einstein), I have a dream (Martin Luther King Jr.), All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream (Edgar Allen Poe), We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep (Shakespeare) Newsflash! Many incarcerated prisoners across the globe do have dreams and aspirations, where deep inside they hope they'll reach their ultimate dreams - if it's in the cards or if it's in their destiny to profill the unknown. As I have had the past opportunity to travel on a few of the Nevada Department of Corrections yards, I have witnessed a slew of talented individuals - who can either be in a rock band, a platinum selling rap group, a draft pick for a NBA team, best selling authors, a famous artist, or a producer who's a chameleon and able to morph into any different sound or genre. I've met so many talented individuals during the course of my many years of incarceration - in the state of Nevada. It's mind boggling to see so many different races with talent that even American Idol will stand up and take notes. The sad thing about having talent is when it isn't put to good use, simply a waste. (Nothing ventured, nothing gained.) A few pencils, pens, and tablets, paint brushes and water colors, a keyboard, and a drum set. Those few items are suppose to satisfy the masses at the medium yards, where there is a slew of talent in abundance. Maximum prisons in the N.D.O.C. setting doesn't have the equivalent of what other yards have within their own penal system of corrections. Maximum security yard's may have been deemed dangerous for the most violent felons but it's easy for an inmate to find himself facing incarceration or punishment in a Max setting; specifically due to self defense from bodily injury or a simple fist fight among their peers. The doors to a maximum prison swing wide open for those who are deemed unmanageable or in the eyes of our oppressors, have a tendency to have a destructive lust within ourselves. However, if you have over 1100 to 2000 inmates crammed on each prison yard. There needs to be programs instituted, where there is Theater, Arts, Creative Writing, Choir, Visual Arts, Guitar, and Book Discussions. These programs will help inmates reach for a higher goals in life. While making each of our lives to have purpose and meaning. Which in turn will make our tomorrow worth living for. The way N.D.O.C. (Nevada Department of Corrections) is set up, an inmate that's doing time without no outside contacts will usually wallow in their own misery and grief until they're full of self hate and self degradation. In a world where there is no type of positive programs or positive outlets for inmates, the misguided inmates will usually gravitate toward what's negative, and it's in that state of being conceived, anger becomes the secret recipe for malice, and it's easily welcomed because many inmates are so frustrated with their situations and deep inside their spirit seeks a change. It's where the soul is practically crying out. Craving change, in a world that is not ready for change. Get rid of the old boy's network! Get rid of greed, get rid of selfishness and hate! Then, you will see changes occur! Nothing happens overnight so just have patience! Nothing easily gained is ever easily obtained! In every task in life, there are small sacrifices which has to be made - in order to propel a movement forward. There are also small hurdles that need to be conquered as well as crossed. It's moments like these, where a prisoner began to take stock and wonder; does society care anymore? Do our esteemed President Barack Obama or his ravishing wife First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama know the trials and tribulations of the people of color, stuck in Nevada without any hope or anyone to turn to - in our (inmates) time of need. To the president governing the United States. It's time to clean up this mess! What are you waiting for, for hell to freeze over! Open up these gates for political prisoners! Incarceration is not the answer for a messed up economy, the down trodden, and the have nots. Any person growing up where guns get sprayed on the hour will adapt to his environment, and overcome his situation. What some may view as strange or weird behavior. All it's basically a man adapting adapting to his strange environment, where it's kill or be killed. Free society and prison world are basically all the same - no matter how it's sugar coated or dressed up like a world class pro. We each try to climb the ladder in record speed. We each pursue our goals with passion and vigor. We each keep chipping away until our dreams finally come true. For some discourage prisoners, however, they tend to wait until their parole date to make things happen. It's not about your parole date or your expiration date! Check it son, what you put off today be the things you regret tomorrow. If you have a dream seize every opportunity you have now! Dream big! Don't waste another moment. Destiny and time waits for no man. Capture your dreams now! By: Dexter Owens

Author: Owens, Dexter

Author Location: Nevada

Date: October 9, 2013

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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