My experience in prison has been brutal

Foxx, Darnell



Darnell Fox Illinios [No Title] My Experience in prison has been brutal on my Mental. Being away from my family is hard. My free will has been Stripped Away. I Am Not able to have sex, Eat properly, bath, guide my sibling, help my mother & Auntee. This Creates stress. I personally struggle Everyday because I would Rather be dead than live in my current conditions. Menard C.C. 10 [qal.?] East cell house. Two shower a week. Two Yard days A week. In the summer time It's gets extremely hot to the point where you began to suffer. There is No cooling system. I deal with stress by giving myself hope. I understand I could make my Situation more difficult if I lash out or don't stay in control. I Also talk to my Fellow inmates, watch T.V., listen to music, write books Rap &poetry\my thoughts. I Also think About my love ones and Exercise to Release stress. I held a job breifly in Joliet C.C. in the kitchen. I dump the trays cleaned the table swept And Mopped the floor. A job is good for movement, And it helps me to focus on something Else other than this life sentence. It Also can put you in a Negative Atmosphere, because c/os or Supervisor will Abuse their Authority that will lead to a ticket, which can get you fired or put in Segragation. I've seen c\o's and supervisers Abuse their Authority that can force to take verbal abuse & be fired if your response is deemed threating. The public perception is that we have it good in here. That living is a benefit. All because we have T.V. & being fed, we should be greatful or this punishment should be more strenuous. Our punishment is terrible it will eat At the most important part of the body. (Your mind). I would like the c\o's to Respect and understand we live here And we are the ones who Need help. We don't want to be here. We are suffering and seperated From our families children mothers fathers And So On. We Are at a disadvantage, I am confined in this small cell mentally trying to servive, while dealing with A cellmate I haven't chose to live with. Polotics is the main cause for stiffer penalties for crime which has Added to mass incarceration. Incarceration has Added a financial burden on the public And state. Which effects society Negatively. Because some\alot of us have become Career criminals. When a judge hand out punishment Rehabilitation should be one in the Same. Counsuling And programs will help restore the inmates mind Frame to be a productive citizen. Being that majority of the people incarcerated Are the poor or people Right above the proverty line schooling, Role models that will give men and women Examples to follow, And job training if possible All while incarcerated Or A path to it After being released. Being in Menard C.C. the living conditions is crazy in North 1 & 2 the cells are below any standard for two grown male or female. This is a cell where I have to exercise & washup and in segragation I could be behind A steal door in the summer time where there is no ventalation system and get so hot No man should be forced to live in that creul situation. They will claim in seg we Are Afforded A hour out daily, but it's one day A Week for five hours and one shower. We Are not allowed to take full body Picture for our families. I was involved in a situation in Menard C.C. where the tact team had us in the chapel For six hour and they refuse to let us use the toilet people including myself. Alot of us urinated on our self. They tried to force my cellmate in some urine. The c\o's abusing inmates and sometimes killing inmate is Real. Smashing inmates heads to the wall. Slamming them to the ground all while in handcuffs. You can be held down and your locks cut off. I've seen all of this happen. Being a juvenile and ending up with life without parole. I've currently been gone for 18 years. When looking at our jail history from beginning to the end understand We Are Constantly in a Negative Environment whether it's inmates or c\o's who provoke us this is not A Natural situation to be Rehabilitated in because violence and preditors are here along with gangs, So when Analyzing our jail History inmagine when you are told you will die here And No Matter how good you are it will not help you get Released. The psychological Effect is tragic. You could never properly Judge A person who can't see & comphrehend the Future while in a violent situation. Long Live Justice Transcribed: 2017-04-30

Author: Foxx, Darnell

Author Location: Illinois

Date: October 18, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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