Mi historia es apartir de 1991




Mi historia es apartir de 1991 desidi emigrar a estados unidos de Norte America para superar mi pobreza y darles una mejor vida a mis hijos y tube la fortuna de encontrar trabajo donde no mucha gente quiere trabajar el primer dia aprendí pizcar duraznos y continue pizcando mas frutas como cerezas uvas cabacanos peras y muchas verduras ganando salarios minimos desde -435- por hora hasta 820-en 2008 tambien ise otros trabajos como en norserías de pinos tambien plandandolos en la sierra y abeses dsaijandolos con serrucho para abriles espacio para duespues los corten. y disfrutmos de un buen material de madero pero lo triste que ahora estoy en prision desde-2008-[redacted]-de nobiembre y fata por salir. [crossed out: 13] Translated by Hortet and Helton My history began in 1991 I decided to emigrate to the United States of North America to overcome my poverty and to give a better life to my kids and I had the fortune of finding work where not a lot o people want to work. The first day I learned to pick peaches and continued to pick more fruit like cherries, grapes, olives, apricots, pears and many vegetables being paid minimum wages from 4.35 per hour until 8.20 in 2000. I also did other jobs like in pine nurseries also planting them in the mountains sometimes trimming them with a handsaw to open room to cut them later and sometimes we enjoy the good wood material but the sad thing is that I am in prison since 2008, [redacted] of November, and I still have time left.

Author: Prisoner

Author Location: Idaho

Date: June 20, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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