My love, my passion

Nelson, Purnell R.



Purnell R. Nelson The American Prison Writing Archive My Love, My Passion Purnell R. Nelson is disrupter, his ambitious effort to change himself and people in prison bad decision making into positive changes that connects with one another. Purnell as an poet and artist, I can connect with my fans. That is phenomenal. I don’t know what the future holds, but I bet Purnell is a big part of it. Purnell is a true poet and artist. Through his poetry, his poems has transform the way people read poetry and the way poetry interact with fans. Purnell has plans to build a publishing company Tree of Knowledge Publishing line that is dedicated to serving the community around it. Guiding his publisher to the higher purpose in life, and giving back to the places where it does business, he shares a belief that from pains should measure more than a bottom line. As an inmate in a prison society writing poetry books is a testament of my genius. In his cell doing time is everyday routine. Purnell to use his ideas he translated all the information in the book into pictures of reality. Institutionalized mind create his poetry in a powerful demonstration of both complexity and capacity of life’s struggles in an ancient world that’s corrupted by evil ideas found in our minds to please our minds and flesh mentally and physically for pleasures we stolen from ourselves, emotions created to control life. Purnell is not playing God, but he writes like a god, and god of war, a god of peace, a god of love, a god of sex, a god of spirit, but do not use people to be a god. His contribution to literary world while incarcerated in imagination he brings may change the entire world and our experience of life itself as a poet and artist waiting to be release from the law.

Author: Nelson, Purnell R.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: November 9, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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