My “meaning of life”

Torres, Eduardo



My "Meaning of Life" As Im writing this letter, I am scared. Scared of monstrosity the authorities have become regardless of all other improvements in technology, education, and overall reform. I can only wait with hopes. Hopes that the government doesn't begin to blame the unfortunate worse than they already do. Hopes that biased knowledge doesn't sweep the nation one day, that will make punishment worse for the prison population with all of its statistical realities. I can only write and show only so much to only so few people the travesty prisoners live in respect to what they're supposedly responsible for. I can only be the very few who can appreciate the travesty fully and first handedly. Im scared of the systematic processing of individuals because they are stripped of their value, decency, and human freedoms which include feelings of purpose, harmless actions, and overall security that is impossible with systematic processing. As I write this letter the legal system processes might be at an impasse where people may forget and be done with treating the imprisoned with respect they have coming. Our generations are ever increasingly becoming more careless and domestic largely due to their own systematic duties in this seemingly fair country. I see first hand the people in prison, I see first hand what demons they have inherited in this country, I see racist, advantageous reasons that all in all have degenerated young and old men and women of everything their ancestors and themselves have worked for. I see them treated by a code not of respect or honor but that of disrespect and dishonor. I suffer inhumane treatment every day arbitrarily because I suffered a undetected mental illness (a whole other system) and I may continue to suffer everyday of the rest of my life if I let the system take me under like so many of the people I see as children in a dysfunctional home. Make no mistake criminals were all once blameless and the devil corrupted and tempted them, "Government" wont solve this, only people whose values matter in the name of God will. -W3 [In margin:] PS Thank you for "The Meaning of Life" PPS I can make celestial objects move dont fight it

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: March 4, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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