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Ft. Dix, Lost Soul



Dear APWA, 12-15-2017 My name is [redacted] currently serving a 235 month sentence at the age of 52 at Fort Dix FCI in New Jersey. I have been in the BOP since 2014 on 1 count of exploitation of a minor to which we both had 1 video chat for 68 seconds and the last 15 seconds we showed our private parts. As I agree I broke the law and should be punished and is the reason as to why I pled guilty. I was bound by a mandatory-minimum of 188 months to which I was hopeful I would recieve the minimum. At no time was this ever an intention to meet the minor as I lived in N.Y. and the minor lived in Ohio. To my surprise the judge in my case stated "We have to send a strong message" and used me to make her point. At sentencing I asked the court to please send me to a facility that could help me with my medical need such as P.T.S.D., anxiety, depression, and suicide attempts as well as alcohol and drug abuse. I also asked for counseling for sexual abuse I suffered as a minor. I was sent to Fort Dix in New Jersey which has a huge popuation if not 50% more. To my surprise the only program that fits my needs is the RDAP program. I would think that a prison that has such a large sex offender population would have programs. I like many others in the same situation who want to seek help and better themselves are being denied the help so when they return to society the can become better people. I as a first time offender catagorey I has been sentenced to 235 months with no rehabilitation. All the programs that the judge outlined for me takes place after I am realeased. Its not just me, I have met so many men looking for help, men who want to better themselves but will not get it here. To my understanding the BOP has a S.O.M.P. (Sex Offender Management Program) but not available here at Fort Dix. How can the prison that house's such a large popualation of offenders not have a S.O.M.P. program? As it stands now you just do your time and released with no programing for sexual addiction. I hope this letter reaches the right person with hopes that something changes. Sincerly A Lost Soul in Fort Dix

Author: Ft. Dix, Lost Soul

Author Location: New Jersey

Date: December 15, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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