My name is Alonzo Joseph, and I am currently incarcerated

Joseph, Alonzo



NO TITLE #1 Dear Reader; 11-29-2018 My name is Alonzo Joseph, and I am currently incarcerated at R. J. Donovan Prison, in San Diego California. I been incarcerated for 23 years, for first degree burglary and receiving stolen prison, I was also convicted of voluntary manslaughter, I was hit with a 25 to life mandatory sentencing scheme, known as Three Strikes Law. When I arrive back to prison, with all this time, I was knock off balance, sitting inside my cell at New Folsom Prison, level 4, and extremely dangerous. One Saturday day, in 1997, my cell door open up, and the control booth officer, yelled out the window, you got a visit. When I got to the visiting room, I sat an waited to my visitor showed up, I immediately recognize this thick ass white girl, she then started walking in my direction, she walk up to me, and started kissing me, and pushing balloons in my mouth, so I started swallowing the balloons, when she was done, I asked her, what was that, she told me 7 grams of heroin, I didn't know what to say, because the last time I saw her, she wasn't doing good. So when I got back to my cell, I was sitting #2 on my bunk reminiscing on the pass with her, wondering what I'm gonna do next, so I cut those 7 grams into all quarters, and I maded $2,800, and sent it back to her, she then brought me a ounce of heroin an quarter pound of weed. As I'm establishing drug game, I hit the prison yard, and I take over all northern crips, because me, Psycho Mike, and Bo Didley started formulated the northern crips in old Folsom Prison in 1987, so thats why I immediately take over the card, (meaning a group of people), and get in shot callers position. I explain the rules an regulations on how to conduct themselves on this norther cripping. I explain to them, that I already establish the drug game, now I'm implying it to the prison politics, so now everybody has the script (meaning understanding), that way, nobody could say they didn't know. In prison, there are convict rules, no snitching, mine your own business, stay in your own area, when you see one of your homeboys getting down, you jump in, or if you see a race riot jumping off, you get in it, or if you getting your dick suck or fucking a homosexual, you keep that low, because really thats not supposed to happen, but some people look at homosexuals as the next thing close to a woman. #3 That's why alot of convict's, don't like having homosexuals on a level 4 yard, because they are to flamboyance an enticing, also a flip artist (meaning they can turn you out). The Mexicans and white's have a no-black policy (meaning you can't have no dealings with black's, but they do on the under, these two fractions are more structural than black's, they can't the risk of getting caught, because there people will stab them up. The administration don't like peace, because it exposes alot of there corruptness so they have to create drama, in order for there union to receive the benefits, Governor Jerry Brown, denied the CCOPA any finds or pay raise's, so the Director of Corrections putting many of life's in imminent danger, by putting [sny's?] and general population together, knowing it's gonna cause a riot, it's going on in every prison. The prison system is so corrupted, I witness so many inmate's get beat down, choked out, get they teeth kick, shot in the face with a 40 mm [lodginger?], face's slam into the wall, kneeing in the ribs until they brake, sit back and watch inmates hang themselves, cut they #4 wrists, cut they throat, and murder against an inmate, the Warden, Associate Warden, captains, and lieutenants all done nothing, but relocate those officers, and when you talk to internal affairs or inspector general, they pay other inmates to jump you, or plant knifes in your cell. The medical is terrible, they don't provide adequate assessments, they refuse to send you to specialists, they fail to treat Hep C, they fail to provide adequated pain management, and when you do get adequate pain relief, they deliberately discontinue it without any just cause. The RN, [LVN?], they are not doing what they are train for, me an others have swallow razor blades, bolts, nuts, concrete, pen fillers, and the RN, [LVN?] would just send you back to your cell, and the officers tell them aint nothing wrong, they aint coming to check on you. The mental health is terrible to, they don't teach you nothing, they rather show you video's instead of teaching how to handle a mental crisis, and if you start shedding to much light on the mental health, they remove you from the EDP #5 program (meaning Entrance outpatient program). Everything I stated in this essay is true, because I been a victim to it, or I suffer from it, and I witness alot of it, so I hope I provided some of what you wanted to know, but this is bigger than me an you. 11-29-2018 Thank ya'll for allowing me the avenue.

Author: Joseph, Alonzo

Author Location: California

Date: November 29, 2018

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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