My name is Christopher, an inmate

Darazs, Christopher M.



Christopher M. Darazs Connecticut Dear friends at A.P.W.A. My name is Cristopher, an inmate at Garner C.I. This is a mental Health facility, unfornately there is just not enough staff to keep up with the demand that inmates need. As far as new treatment. I have been a resident inside the walls of D.O.C. for 7 years. I have seen a lot and been through a lot. Transfered from place to place I have even been attacked by 7 C/O's. So now I have a law suit. The conditions in this place is often unbearable. I'm sure there are many worse facalities to be in. I have talked to countless inmates and staff about D.O.C.. How they don't really provide the right kind of treatment. Most call it a revolving door. I'v found that in order to change who you are and how you've come this far, you have to change yourself. And it's not easy. I'v taken classes and havent got much out of them. I have become more aware and active involving D.O.C. policy's and what happens when were released. D.O.C. only gives you 50 dollars gate money. Plus people don't or are hesetant to accept Felons or sex offenders into society. I have provided some articles clippings Please write back. I'v made copies and passed them out. Thank you

Author: Darazs, Christopher M.

Author Location: Connecticut

Date: May 21, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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