My name is Marquise (Louis) Drumwright

Drumwright, Marquise L.



7-30-19 To: A.P.W.A. c/o Hamilton College Hello!! & Warm welcomes! :), I want to first thank A.P.W.A. for giving me a chance to submit a true dialogue an experience of prison happenings. This is my essay: [Feel free to write me!] My name is Marquise (Louis) Drumwright, here (in prison) they call me "CDC #[ID] Mr. Drumwright!!" - *Loud obstructive voice*, I'm a only child raised through foster care an group homes: until I became older around 19-20, is when I found my birth parents. My first experience with these conflicted an confused up-bringings in prison; was at 21 I found prison to keep favor out of the conditions, issues, & those residing inside the institution. From then on dealing with my own time-score of events, my time became arduous an negative. Taking relapse onto a state of uncertainty an a recalcitrant way of mind from the effect of seeing ordinary things removed from a habitual unordinary situation seeking to serve or give purpose. I'm not a particular person for campaign or second-hand too that. The merit for start, is to accept your doing time an make your conduct under a contact that you see as a recommened express "share." To rid of the debunk an wearisome nature from keeping you in a destitute awakening as before an above. My suggestion in short is establish and maintain contact of "one-on-one" or a directory that will offer a better practice for use by mail of network so as not to make you & your status of situation devoid from the exaggerated false claims that seek to lead an mis-guide to a answer or reply of worked up behavior for relent of change, that could be avoided: stay placid an in control for all you have to offer... Hope this helps!! Sincerely - Marquise Drumwright 7/30/19 Return address: (Name) ([ID]) P.O. Box - 1906 Tehachapi CA, 93581

Author: Drumwright, Marquise L.

Author Location: California

Date: September 20, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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