My name is Tiny Earwood

Earwood, Tiny Michelle



Tiny Earwood Tennessee [NO TITLE] My name is Tiny Earwood I was arrested on November 19, 2012. I got charged for Aggravated Burglary and theft and was sentenced to three years state probation. I went out on probation and I was out for around eleven months and got violated for having pot pipes they said was unlawful paraphernalia. I was arrested put back in jail on October 10, 2013 until February 7, 2014 then was reinstated on probation and sent back out. In February 3, 2015 I caught two new theft charges and on April 24, 2015 I was TDOC to three years and this time I have been incarcerated since February 3, 2015 at the Bradley County Sheriff Office. The first month I was in here we were locked down top teir, bottom teir. The top would get out from 6 o'clock till 12 o'clock and bottom tied would get out from 2 o'clock till around 5 or 5:30. The next day it would be bottom tier out first and top out last. Then in March I went to the kitchen and I was in there around a month and got caught up in the makings of intoxicants. Then they fired the two girls that were making it and they fired me for touching the bottle when they past it off. We were brought back to I-pod and locked down for thirty-six days. Then we were back out in population, but they pretty much keep us all locked down now. This jail is worse than prison, because you are locked up and then they keep you locked down most of the time. This is a (mans?) jail and they have all kinds of jobs for them like hall work, laundry, road crew, lawn worker, they was the cars and they also work in the garage for the police and all they have for women to do is the kitchen and take up uniforms. We set uniforms in the trap in a garbage can and the men come and get them and wash them. The guys also get to smoke and the women cant go outside or do anything. Tiny Earwood

Author: Earwood, Tiny Michelle

Author Location: Tennessee

Date: October 19, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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