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Clemons, Willie



Willie Clemons Michigan NO TITLE My name is Willie Clemons I,m A juvenile lifer in Michigan Department of Correction First of all I must tell the world prisons are not the place for any human being. Staff are not train nor tryen to rehabilitate prisoners in any shape form or fashion I have come to understand in the department of curruption the only one can chang, rehabilitate is the prisoner I made that choise to better my self and study my self I use to stress alot to I learn not to stress about things I have no control over I have lost my sister to cancer at the age 34 and yes it hurts at times I wanted to take my anger out with violence but I have learn violence is not the key to solven problems from lost love ones. I focus on doing everything in my power to get out of prison so I can spend precios time with family and show them with action my love is unconditional. I want to help change the youth by being A rolemodel. I have wrote to places ware youth are locked up and played A positive role that help them make A change for the best. Healt is very important and I can honestly say we get the worse treatment. I have seen the most currupt DR. nurses on the plantet I once overdosed off medication told nurses and DR. and they told me to write A kite they didn't have time walked away laugen with staff I almost lost my life. And mental health is A joke I have A serious mental health and been on meds for years for it but instead of these people senden me to A program they put me in segergation for over A year to punish me starve me refuse to feed me I went from 160 ponds to 112 pounds I have been chained up for 2 weeks like A slave to this day I still have marks from how tight the chains were on me so tight I was bleeden. But I must say it's more mental and family support means Alot im bless to have strong family support education is the key to success I have learn that over the years and readen books going beyond my confert zone has help make me A better person Most of the prison poulation lost mentally don't even use they time wisely and its A shame A lot of prisoners use they time doing nuthing wishful thinking hopen A blessing fall out the sky not maken they dream manifest into reality me being A political prisoner I have A diffrent fame of mind. However I do break the phychologically chains of slavery and most of all I know only the strong survive. Transcribed: 2017-02

Author: Clemons, Willie

Author Location: Michigan

Date: September 14, 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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