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Clemons, Willie



Title: My name is Willie Clemons American Prison Writing Archive 3/30/17 Hamilton College New York My name is Willie Clemons I'm a juvenile lifer I'm 37 and I been incarcerated most of my life. From Oct. 16 1995 for felony that ever took place no robbery no evidence to support the claims. Just as most prisoners I was railroad at the age of 115. Being locked up in this crazy environment made me upset, afraid, filled with rage. I never accept the sentence that was handed to me. I never felt as I would spend the rest of my life in prison for a crime I didn't do! So my first priority when I came to prison was to study my case educate myself about a corrupt system that plan to eat me alive. I can honestly say I played a major role in helping all juvenile lifer bill pass and become law there is still so much work need to be done. Most of my problems I had in the Michigan department of corruption was with staff. Sexual assaults starving me refuse me yard privilege and being beat in handcuffs that's chained to chains that's welled to ankle irons staff through mail away so much more. There was time I hurt myself [do?] to mental iill problems most of my 21 years almost 6 months I did my time in solitary confinement on average 23 or 24 hours in a cell the size of a 8 feet box. So yes this incarceration has affect me mentally and I was on medication to help me but out of retaliation I was took off medication. And because I'm black and cause I did protected conduct. Cause I file grievances on staff and refuse to close my mouth and not stand up. So the administration use "adverse action" meaning it's so bad it would stop an "average person" from continuing with their litigation lawsuit. However, I'm still standing fighting for my freedom. My plan is to help the youth when I get out programs I start and run each on teach [once?] showing juveniles there is other ways for juveniles to make money education is the key. I have been writing juveniles thats locked up in hope of changing them telling them my life and the wrong turns I made. I work out hard a lot 6 days a week I chose to spend most of my time reading books educating myself and others and growing mentally [preparen?] for my release to society. Anyone that would like to help my situation is welcome to to send me support letters that I will show the courts judges that I have support and I can and have made a positive impact in others lives i'm in Ionia Correction Facility in Michigan. I must say their are some beautiful men and women mentally that is locked up in a cage that should have a change at life. Willie Clemons Ionia Correctional Facility

Author: Clemons, Willie

Author Location: Michigan

Date: March 30, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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