Mi nombre es _____




December 4, 2014 Mi nombre es _____ estoy en prision por primeravez y por desgracia por muchos años en me pais estube solo por unas horas. Me bine alos Estados Unidos, dure dos años fuera antes de caer a prision. No tengo nada para escribirles solamente que estoy yendo ala escuela para aprender el ingles como mi segunda lengua es algo dificil pero no imposible, estoy en prision y hay que echarle muchas ganas. [crossed out: 8] Translated by Loera and Stull My name is _____. I am in prison for the first time and unfortunately for many years. I was in my country for some hours only. I came to the United States, lasted 2 years outside before ending up in prison. I don't have anything to write to you, only that I am going to school to learn English as my second language. It is something difficult but not impossible. I am in prison and one must try really hard.

Author: Anonymous1

Author Location: Idaho

Date: December 4, 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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