My nervousness

Pitts, Robert Mark



My nervousness by Robert Pitts Before I came to prison I was 18 and working an amazing job. I was never in trouble nor even committed a single act of violence. But after a series of events I ended up in prison due to an accident for 5-10 years with two 3 1/2-7s over my head for 10 years after parole (which I just [received]). After 5 long years a buddy of mine asked what my biggest fear is about getting out. My response was a chuckle and "nothing" but once the question was asked all I've done is think of the truth. The truth is, I fear the resentment for the world that being in prison has instilled in me. And that I won't be able to always keep that resentment under control. I no longer think of myself as an individual, but as a member of a group of mindless non-humans who are deemed as worthless evil people. For years I've been beaten and mentally abused to indoctrinate me into this mindset. The way American prisons work is the second one enters the prison, the ones who have power over you (everyone except other inmates) start with your torture. They want you to know they are in control and your not. The second you start to insinuate that you have "rights" they do what is needed in order to show they are all powerful and there are no such things as "rights" in prison. You are treated to years of this power struggle. The goal is to deny any inmate dissent - even righteous dissent - by any means necessary. Its become an "end justifies the means" philosophy implied to millions and millions of people. In order to do that one's moral principles are dismantled and you are not in any way treated as an individual or even human. The effect is an "Us Vs. Them" society. Which has no productive place in any life. America locks up more people than any other country. You would think that means America has the most dangerous people in the world. But if you look at the statistics, many people are conviced to prison terms are there fot what most countries would call petty crime or not even criminal. Then after years of being dehumanized ones thrown right back into society and told to "behave". Lets look at modern day prisons in Germany. You are treated by an individual basis. Throughout all your time your treated as a human being. They provide help specialized for that one person and the recidivacation rate is one of the lowest in the world - 100% polar opposite of American statistics. Rather than develope mindless zombies (created by our justice system) and expect them to live a productive life past incarceration, we need to open our eyes to see the truth and open our minds to alternative measures. I've expressed my concern to politicians before, but am told "regardless of the name 'department of corrections' prison is a place strictly for punishment." My goal is to relive my experinces for you in order to one, help people realize that torture of every inmate - regardless of background or crime - and two, cope with my reintegration with society and recover my individualism once more Thanks for your time, Number ######

Author: Pitts, Robert Mark

Author Location: New Hampshire

Date: July 24, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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