My only problem is that as we speak I am lying under a toilet

Mister Yemen



To: The American Prison Writing Archive C/O Hamilton College: 198 College Hill Road Clinton, NY 13323-1218 From: [redacted] AKA "Mister Yemen" Pen Name RE: Did you in fact, receive my first essay/writing? Dear A.P.W.A: I got a report that you were informed of my query. Only I am confused at the fact that it is July and I wrote you sometime in April!? Please let me know if you did get my letter? Did you post it? If not send it back to me so I may edit it to be posted! Anyhow, my only problem is that as we speak I am lying under a toilet writing at the facility because of cameras that zero in on all I say or do. I am an avid writer and since my youth I've written. At Dodge, well "the" Dodge County Detention Facility, reading and writing is outlawed! A bit of sarcasm, only 90% of it is interjected, passionate truth. Truth by experience! Why would I hide under a urine and feces depository? Because I love writing! And half the time they think I'm on the toilet I am under it. If I as so much look to be writing or reading my Quran or Bible, onward with an onslaught of slamming doors and pounding walls, screams and attempts to derail my train of thought or crowd my creativity into remission! I have court on 7/20/2017 in Judge Brian Pfitzinger's Court in Dodge County. Check your local daily citizen newspaper in Beaver Dam, WI 53933 opps "53916", 53933 is Fox Lake, WI! That's where I formerly owned property, paid taxes and worked as an appointed craftsman in welding! Until my lovely lady of whom I love was taken out, oooooutt of my life by this cruel world! And I, I said I am the state's culprit, more like a fall guy or token ni**er of the town with beautiful everything albeit legal I'm still a ni**er in most of Dodge County's eyes! Fox Lake, a town that houses thousands of prisoners and is a population of not even sixteen hundred souls. Dodge County is 90% white, only the prison population is 80% black. Wisconsin is 12% African American and 85% of the prison and jail and parole or extended supervision population is all black! Also Wisconsin is the most segregated state in our nation. With 87% of blacks in Milwaukee, Wisconsin of only maybe 11% of the total population of our state. Still a staggering statistic when we are (7) of (10) of those living in prison and jail walls. "Just us," yes just us you know whats. I could go on and on but I won't! I go to court with my head held level, not high! I am going through a vicious cycle of nepotistic, systematic racism of a county that prides itself on prison for profit. How can a county hold more souls in an old rusty broken down century year old building, than in society? On a daily basis with no remorse of disdain or even scrutiny of the governing system of justice therein. Quite sad, only true, a reality I live through and through on my 5th attorney still not even arraigned. (42) Forty-two Wisconsin lawyers turned down my case! Mister Yemen

Author: Mister Yemen

Author Location: Wisconsin

Date: July 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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