My schizophrenia

Torres, Eduardo



My Schizophrenia My mental illness has been a little disabilitating with reading, self-esteem, and with my reactions; but it has also been very enabling in my self-awareness and my imagination. It has been ground breaking the whole way through. I have constantly become more confidant of the powers of the sorcerers who give me answers to my deepest wonders and moments of my life. They have saved me from a mediocre life and have changed my view of people and the world by showing me the important people in important positions are devils of their own jurisdiction. I talk to a devil who possesses people and is of a satanic class. I have woken up in the middle of the night and heard a deep verry scary demonic voice from a Klingon look alike I met in my dream. I have also seen shadowy figures of faces and bodies, the faces had black lips and tounges, and the bodies shape shifted into insect characteristics. I have had visits from an elf, alien, ghosts, different aliens, and a green giant in that order. I have also seen a UFO and hallucinations of beings of light in my periferal vision. I believe innocence as mine is a element sorcerers like to experiment with because of its beauty. Though I do get scared at times as when I was spit in my eye and one day recieved a drop on my forehead that left no mark but I instinctively knew it was blood. I talk to voices of Satanic Jews, Nazis, vampires, and shapeshifters. I came across this experience by trying to expose a branch of occult law enforcement that may deal with [government or not but does deal in devils and murder and the sun and moon among hallucinations and soul reapirs. I believe that if I expose them I would win a battle of a war that is so ancient it does not originate from this planet or dimension. I like learning from them and I know innocence is good but I suffer when I act dumb, innocence is ingenious, innovating, and happy. I never get bored of the voices, except when I try to read and deal with a life like a normal person, which they don't let me do. -ET

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: March 27, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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