My thought on Mayor Deblasio’s announcement to close Rikers Island in ten years to build more jails




Re: My thought on Mayor De Blasio's announcement to close Rikers Island in 10 years to build more jails. One thought I have about Mayor De Blasio's announcement to close Rikers Island in 10 years, to rebuild more jails is: The sad truth is, the Government in the name of security exploit and manipulate, and create need, and false needs for a reason to spend tax payer's money to build more jails and prisons. If you take a deeper view you will realize that this government chase after a problem to resolve, in which they, create a needs for more prisons, cops, guns, etc to put out the exact same fire in which they promoted and started. For example, when Governor Pataki was in office, he criminalized marijuana as a dangerous drug which causes violent behavior to cause the population in state prisons to expand from 65,000 to 80,000 inmates and thus created a security need to build many S boxes and prisons including Upstate Correctional Facility, and Five Points Correctional Facility. The government survey and count the population by a census to determine the needs of which way the taxpayers money will be allocated and implemented. Its clear that the government with all its intelligence and great resources seems to merely recognize the needs for more deadlier weapons to be used by the police and the need to build more prisons. The don't recognize a youth as myself at the age 18, who worked jobs, didn't do crime, who is poor, with a learning difficulty. I had to drop out of school in the 9th grade because I was failing, I was left back once in the second grade, and was being left back in the 9th grade. I was a child left behind. A child left behind is most likely left behind to poverty, drug dealers, pusher, jail, prison, HIV, prostitution, crime, violence, abuses etc. I earned an insufficient pay of $80.00 per week working at Burger King. The government with all its great resources to build prisons and jails, would have benefitted more by paying me $80.00 to $100.00 per week to remain in school, esp when I was a special education student, with a learning disability, and failing significantly. With the government, its either too high or too low. All or nothing. They will deem a child imperfect and dispose of all his potentials because of one area in which the child is failing. This way me and many children are badly neglected, in a time of Aids-HIV, crime, crack and other drugs and perils. I was severely abused as a child. I was falsely arrested at the age 14, and jailed 3 days, in a cell with one sink and a dirty toilet, and approximate 25 other inmates arrested. At the age 12 I was almost raped by an older male. I was spit on, cut with broken glass, kicked, stomped, jumped, punched and slapped in my face. I was also un-loved and rejected, and treated as lesser, by my peers. These disturbing events traumatized me. What's worse is being placed at Rikers Island, in which I woke up each day to a continued nightmare of of have lit burning match sticks placed in between my toes at night in my sleep. I wake up many nights and the prisoners are fighting with razors, jail made shanks, etc. There was days in which everybody in mod 9 on Rikers Island had to break night 3 straight days with no sleep. The tension was so high. If a man fall asleep someone will cut him with a razor, or stab him in his sleep. It was a nightmare in which you had to fastly adapt to and stand up. I met a lot of cool humble good natured brothers back then. We had to stick together. Either that or for your food, phone time, sneakers, etc. The unseen truth is, that being black and or poor, is like being in a crab barrel, and trying to escape this nightmare, and the government kick many people back down into the crab barrel. The government tactics are to keep us stripped in many ways, financially, uneducated, defamed, persecution, etc. The government paint the whole picture black, with a black presumption, that, your a criminal first, because your from a black neighborhood, your poor, you the same as any person living in the Bronx county. You a violent drug dealer, who will rob, steal and commit crime. They oppress many including myself, with injustice, inequality, discrimination, abuse, and turn us into the person they prejudged us to be. Next they use it as a factor to justify the continued abuse. Whats worst is they install in us that you don't need money, a wife, kids, a job, love. Also they install in us that its okay for the police to kick your teeth out your mouth, abuse you beat you up. Set you up with a weapon to enhance the time you remain in prison as an abused slave. It's also a catch 22 - double edge sword, because, e.g. when a man like me is trying to make out on parole, this is when other prisoners want to fight me. Others want a mans will. They want you to be a yes man. They try to impose a culture on a next man with jail politics. To run extortion, friendly extortion etc. I witnessed this many times. This is how another man becomes another man girl toy in prison or even out of prison. Men attempt this all the time. It starts with begging. Or someone will give you something, may coffee, food etc. That is a revolving open door, in which they give, and try to receive 9000% return, and sometimes sex. When a man see that another man is attempting to put pimp-extortion pressure on him it usually leads to violence. These myriads of things occur while the government oppress you. If its not an inmate oppressing you, its the officers. This drives a man insane! I always wondered, and wanted to ask "How can a man be so hard and so cold" They say "your not built like that, your not about that life, your butt soft, a punk, a nerd etc" Another question which pounder in my mind is, how can you rehabilitate a derogated, neglected child, who suffered all sorts of abuses. I never was habilitated in the first placed. I was a deprived child. Its common sense that you can't rehabilitate a child who was abused, with abuse. While the government is oppressing you, you have a inmate trying to buy blood from another inmate who has hepatitis C to poison another inmate with a disease. We are trapped between a corrupt government and criminals. These are my thoughts. I hope you find them to be helpful. Thank you and take care. Respectfully, Prince

Author: Prince

Author Location: New York

Date: July 30, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 7 pages

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