My view of my best friend

Little Mike



"My view of my best friend" March 24, 2017 my name is Michael a fifty seven year old white American and partly Native American Indian and born in the oldest summer resort in America. Unfortunately and sadly enough for me as well as a few others I've been in and out of various institutions for the latter part of my life. Various mental institutions, county jails and and two prisons. Before my now lengthy prison term I was married for over twenty years and gaining two wonderful sons. I don't consider myself a bad or evil person and I may have gotten a shitty start to life and hadn't learned etc to properly deal with matters of my life effectively. But I do take full responsibility for the person I was in the past and the person in the present. My childhood life was very sporadic moving a lot and was only able to make what I'd call temporary friends. Never was able to go back to them and carry on with what ever was built. I've never had what I would call or most likely what anyone else would call a life long friend, or even a close or best friend and not really sure why. As far as one behind the walls, not sure that one could even find the right one or at least in the healthy sense word of it. Over the years I've had some what I call strange things I've done while I've been down and done with others. Such as suicide, escape, destroying property, stealing, brutality, and a long list of unhealthy things. It wasn't til I came to prison this time that what I once thought that I never ever had a real true friend was not true and I have had three of them. My former wife, God and a guy named Gary. He's doing life without parole and I've met lots of men in my life time, to the insane, severe mentally ill, felons, cons and all around I don't care assholes but a few good ones. He is the only single one I've ever met that is honest, sincere and caring person, that's trying to help people not come back to prison that I have ever met. Prisons need more of these types to help people because many facets of the system, courts and the ones who have the keys really don't have any humanity for the millions everywhere who keep coming. It's big money and business a job security. That's why in my view of someone like gary helping me turn my life around is my best friend. by Michael

Author: Little Mike

Author Location: New Hampshire

Date: March 4, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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