My view on life

Torres, Eduardo



My View on Life Torres 2-24-20 P.O. Box 409020 Ione, IA 95640 Life isnt about doing things the best you can: Its about doing the best things you can. In order to enjoy life your decitions must agree with you. Of course, your going to be unsure about what sacrifices to make but if you believe in yourself you won't be left alone and without a thing. Everyone is given chances its up to us to make them fighting chances. Whether the war is about ourselves or be it about life on earth we are allowed to make our footprint possible especially in America. You can be great or you can be average. Every person has an idea of what really needs attention, and each of us are given a sole opportunity in this time of generations of time and ages. Leave a legacy, choose to believe, have faith. Your identity will follow you forever, ground it on firm foundations. Allow your spirit to choose the ripest identity of your life. There are people who were never introduced to the greatness of today's day n' age. So may never had an idea what great people exist in universities, and towns, and other parts of the world. Choose the best life for yourself. Don't follow a fools path with dedication. Have your own motives and agenda to make a map or legend in your life. Don't be scared to risk being left on your own because your life is different than the people who don't know a thing and surround you because of misfortune. Allow God to see you grow on your own to prosper, he'll alway give you a way. Be a kid and have fun, dont fear leaving or becoming attached. Only you will live your lifestyle and only you will have the time to apreciate that. God is good. In the name of Jesus Christ help yourselves and others to an amazing magical life. Be yourself. -ET 2-24-20

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: February 24, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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