My voice behind the wall: Madness in the abyss

Pendleton, Ricky Vincent, II



My voice behind the wall: Madness in the abyss by: Ricky Vincent Pendleton II What I do see in this place, is straight up madness. This is a mad house for real, a very disturbing place to be in. You can make this place either a hospital or a University. I choose a University, can't say that about most people in this place. Most of these people in here are addicts and some are created right in this place. What monsters they had become before my eyes. Each and everyday I fast and pray (meditate) to find the strength to fight my case to get up out of here earlier than expected. I see these people in here profess at being "real" but tell to the prison power structure of what another inmate is doing just to get out of trouble in which "they" had gotten into by their own hands. They don't respect being held accountable by what they do. Those people are very dangerous to the general population. They think that all they will do is just inform on another and they're consequences will go away. I noticed those who fit that discription are those who grew up in the suburban area. They are the ones who couldn't live up to their gardian's rules, so they create an image of what do they think in cool. So, they get all of these tatoos and some even joins a gang, knowing that their insecure asses are not built like that. What I have learned over the years, is that most people can't handle pressure. This is why, whenever someone come around me who talk this tough guy thing, it doesn't move me not even slightly. What I mean is it doesn't make me believe this someone. Because I hold that in consideration and the next moment those words get challenged and these "someones" gets exposed to being a "sucka." What people say to me I don't believe most of the time, (one) I don't do that on face value, and (two) I just observe their ways and actions, then I can tell who you are. I am a good judge in character too. I know if a person is good natured or a lowlife trifling person. I know how to move around them. I starting to see and hear alot of people in here just providing information to the prison power structure. The all seeing eyes are at work. People in here will get complacent fast, as if they don't know the streets before. When they would get a prison assignment, they would let that job take control of their minds. I had to pull this librarian clerk (inmate) up because he was so slick with his mouth. He would be so obnoxious whenever I would come up and ask for something legalwise. So, after his shift, I approached him and addressed that matter. You should see his face, like he saw a ghost. He appologized, I did held my composure, man, he wouldn't like that wrath! Another incident with this guard, now the prison store (exchange) had been closed for about a week. Zach day there was a long line, J make it up front, next one to go in and this guard Closed tt. I was heated, so I addressed the matter how the store had been closed for at least a week, how people need soap to wash their ass, and that it would be unsantitary to go to work funky. This coward ass prison guard didn't care. Also those fake ass store staff members were inconsiderate to our plight at that time too, let it be them, I know they would cry out too, bitches! But, what goes around comes around, and I am a believer of this because when you're evil to people for no reason, it will come back on you. I've seen it heard it. Now, the prison power structure had renamed departments and units with their names (those evil figures). There was a ranking prison guard who was so evil, he treated inmates unfairly, like some staff members would say, we're "scum of the earth." And they think that we have no voice, so our cries would go unheard, they are wrong today, and will still be in the future. This evil guard had gotten into a car accident and he died. You don't mess with the forces of the universe, cause things can happen. I see people who want to put all of their energy into being successful in this place, they actually think that they are winning in here when they got a prison assignment, thinking that the staff member needs them. Those guys are suffering from high traits of narcissistic behavior.

Author: Pendleton, Ricky Vincent, II

Author Location: West Virginia

Date: 2021

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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