National Intelligence for African American Communities 3rd party questions & answers

Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)



N.I.A.A.C 3rd Party National Intelligence For African American Communities 3rd Party Questions & Answers Many questions have been asked about my work with the political party known as National Intelligence for African American Communities 3rd Party here in the state of North Carolina. I have taken the most intelligent questions to clarify the mission of our states work in politics. Q: What connection do your work has to the Black Panther Party? A: Everything. We are the answer to the clarion call of the Honorable Elders of the Huey P. Newton Foundation. Dr. Newton's work was too important to our nation to be forgotten or classified as a part of history that is long gone. Q: Who are you? And what makes you think that you can live up to the great Huey P. Newton's name? A: My name is Willie Worley Jr. I am an incarcerated person in the state of North Carolina. My mother groomed me in the techniques and methods of the Black Panther Party of 1977 the year Dr. Newton returned to the United States. Elaine Brown leadership during Dr. Newtons exile in Cuba inspired a lot of women all over the world including my mother. I am a progeny Black Panther. Also I was made official by the Honorable Elder Kathleen Cleaver and the Black Panther Party Alumni Association choice to head the continuation of Dr. Newton's work. No one can live up or do what has been done by Dr. Newton or the original party members. All we can do is continue to fullfull the work of this nations greatest black political party ever created. Q: Do National Intelligence for AfricanAmerican Communities hate white people and cops like the older and other parties that models the work of Huey P. Newton? A: All this talk about hate are misinformational tactics and propaganda to project a certain inmage of Dr. Newton's work. Through all of my studies and teachings. the Black Panther Party has never hated the United States Government or the nations law enforcement. It's only "my" postulation, but the Black Panther Party has always seemed to be troubled by the United Snakes in our government, and pigs in our law enforcement agencies. These coined names are not directed at our government or law enforcement. It is directed to the individuals that suffer from neurotic behavior that have weasled their way into to the ranks of our government. Who inflict conscious, unconscious, and implicit racism into our communities. Q: People that view Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party in some kind of way, how would you change their minds? A: First off. Our number one mission has always been to be servants of the people. Disinformation, misinformation, propaganda, mental deterioration, mental manipulation and rationalization were weapons used against Dr. Newton and the Black Panther Party by United Snakes, and pigs working secretly within the United States government and the United States law enforcement. In 1975 an investigating committee headed by Senator Frank Church found that COINTELPRO a secret nationwide campaign headed by former FBI Dir. L. Patrick Grey and Edward S. Miller had from start to finish been fraught with illegality. In 1980 they were convicted of having conspired to injure and oppress the citizens of the United States. The Black Panther Party had been hit hardes and most extensively. Although times have changed unconscious and implicit racism of some individuals still exist. Q: Can gangmembers join National Intelligence for African Americans 3rd Party Progeny Black Panther Party or any other Black Panther Party? A: There is only one Black Panther Party and that is the one dedicated to carrying on Dr. Newton's and the elder's work. Gangmembers are classified as "domestic terrorist". This goes against everything we stand for as servants of the people. It is inevidable that the continuation of Dr. Newton's work continues. Gangmembers display a different agenda, and for that reason their applications to join the party is unacceptable. If it is later discovered that any member of the party in North Carolina has joined a gang your application will be immediately terminated. Q: What are your aims and goal? A: Voters orientation and education for felons. Voters registration for ex-felons, and misdemeanants. Being a servant to the people. Panther Love Willie Worley Jr. N.I.A.A.C 3rd Party

Author: Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: 2015

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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