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Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)



National Intelligence for African American Communities Polito Introduction National Intelligence for African American Communities Polito Party Comics (NIAACPPC) has successfully advocated and campaigned for individuals that have prevailed in the May 6, 2014, Primary in North Carolina. The (NIAAC) took on the task of becoming an actual active political party on January 14, 2014. Since that day, only six members have joined the ranks filling positions within the party. Prisoners' participation in disseminating flyers across the state is close to 34,000. Most of the flyers that were distributed were in support of United States Senator Kay Hagan. Our dissemination of fliers for her easily clear 27000. The Honorable Senator's race consisted of a statewide issue. So prisoners from all over the state encouraged their families and friends to make copies for distribution. The prisoners who mailed those fliers are housed at Brown Creek Correctional Institute. Although the US Senate race has proven to be one of the major missions for the party. I have focused a lot of time and energy on candidates in Mecklenburg County. Over 3000 fliers promoting elections and re-election among four candidates. Out of the four candidates running for elections and re-election in Mecklenburg County that we disseminated fliers for, only one lost. He was running for Mecklenburg County Sheriff, Antoine Ensley. Prisoners' families and friends distributed over 700 fliers to support him. Ensley only pulled in 48.30% in the Democratic Primary while his challenger Irwin Carmichael prevailed with 51.70% in the Democratic Primary. The party distributed over 700 fliers for Vilma Leake throughout the Charlotte Area for her re-election to the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners. She blew out her challenger [Dondhi?] Burrel. Vilma Leake had 84.37% in the Democratic Primary. She faces no Republican opposition, and an all-time favorite of Charlotte's political arena made a shocking comeback. The party supported her return with the distribution of over 700 fliers throughout the Charlotte area. She topped the five candidates that battled for the 3 at-large seats in the Democratic Primary. Ella Scarborough will advance to the General Elections. She received 23.35% in the Democratic Primary. Pat [Cothan?] got 22.38% and will move on to the General Elections and so will Trevor Fuller 2.70%. Our campaign for Alma Adams to fill the seat of Mel Watt who is now the head of the Federal Housing Finance Agency was a success. We distributed over 700 fliers in the Charlotte area. She won the Democratic Primary with 44.04% beating out the other six candidates. She will move on to the General Elections where she will face Republican challenger Vince Oakley. Six people along with the help of about 100 of the close to 1000 incarcerated individuals at Brown Creek Correctional Institution have distributed through family and friends over 34,000 promotional fliers for the re-election of 5 public servants. Nobody got paid; everybody donated and contributed. Those public servants' winnings are all our winnings who contributed as servants of the people. Through studying of history and my own mistakes I have become a better man. I have learned to use my talents, gifts, and creativity to bring about a change. In five months we have done a lot. Most of those accomplishments have been through my comics, and the many people who have helped with their distributions. My cartoons have been placed on t-shirts to help out charitable causes. They have also appeared on a petition to stop a house bill in the state of Massachusetts. These are missions people would not expect for an incarcerated person to take on. Sometimes it takes the individual who sits in the mix of things to start the movement that will bring about a change. No matter how an individual perceives prison. Prison is supposed to produce a better person that can contribute to his or her community with a new sense of reform. It's not that the prisoner doesn't want to or can't. Prison systems have a whole other agenda. It's called "job security." North Carolina is one of the states where prisoners can vote upon completing their prison sentences. Although we have this voting right, if you live in a state that exercises disenfranchisement, you still can advocate voter's registration, and voter's education. I have been incarcerated ever since January 14, 2000. During the primaries for the election of Barack Obama's first term I wrote fliers, I drew political comics and had prisoners disseminate them throughout North Carolina. I even had a small article published in the Fayetteville Observer Forum a week before the presidential primary ended in the state. When President Obama won the North Carolina primaries during his first election, I felt maybe, just maybe I'll encourage someone to go to the polls and cast their vote. This first time was a test run. Throughout the years I have done the same thing several times, each time the candidate I advocated for won. Only once did a candidate not prevail that I advocated for, and I strongly felt like he would have won if not for his personal issues. I said this to say don't let anyone stop you from putting forth an effort to make a change. When you think no one is listening, everyone hears you. After giving it some thought, I decided to launch my own political party designed for the ones affected the most by "[charismatic?] pseudo politicians" who play on the irrationalities of voters. The two mainstream parties have too much extra baggage for us to be nailed down to them (Democrats Republicans). Although we may continue to support both of them if they produce a candidate that is eligible. Make no mistakes, we are "independent", we are what is known as the 3rd party. * History of the Independent Party* Since 1832 until 2000 only 10 3rd party candidates have polled more than a million votes running for president. Although the votes have always seemed low, independent's motivation has remained high in with the standing the tests of time. Third party or independent parties have won different "Banners" throughout history. William Writ (Anti-Masonic 3rd party 1832 was against secret societies and oaths) James G. Birney (Liberty third party 1844 was anti-slavery) Martin Van Buren(Free Soil 3rd party 1848 was anti-slavery) Millard Filmore (American Know Nothing 3rd party 1856 was anti-immigrant) Peter Cooper (Greenback 3rd party 1876 was for "cheap money" labor rights). John P. St. John (Prohibition 3rd party 1884 was anti-liquor), James B. Weaver (People's, Populists 3rd party 1892 was for "cheap money" end of National Banks) Eugene V. Debs (Socialist 3rd party 1900-12-1920 was for public ownership) Theodore Roosevelt (Progressive, Bull Moose 3rd party 1912 was against high tariffs) Robert M, La Follette (Progressive 3rd party 1924 Farmer and Labor Rights) Norman Thomas (Socialist 3rd party 1928-48 liberal reforms) William Lemke (Union 3rd party 1936 was anti New Deal) Storm Thurmond (States Rights, Dixiecrats 1948 for states rights) Henry C. Wallace (Progressive 3rd party 1948 was anti-Cold War) George C. Walace (American Independent 3rd party 1968 was for "State Rights") John G. Schmitz (American 3rd party 1972 was for "Law and order") John B, Anderson (none, "Independent" 3rd party 1980 a 3rd Choice) H Ross Perot (none, "Independent" 3rd party 1992) H Ross Perot (Reform 3rd party 1996 Deficit, Campaign, Finance) Ralph Nader (Green Independent 2000-2004 Corporate Power, domestic priorities). These candidates' desires to run the nation according to their views proved to be difficult getting them into the president's seats. Still those 3rd party candidates got their points across, not to mention they had an effect on the outcome between major party candidates. The National Intelligence for African American Communities Party is against mass incarceration, and techniques and methods designed to create a dangerous environment. We oppose Jim Crow Laws and all forms of police misconduct. We feel that through voter's education and registration we can reform mental deterioration and oppression. Politicians love to draw the line at the middle class, disregarding the lower class and underclass as too poverty-stricken to consider. I think they are in for a surprise. Written by: Willy Worley Jr Minister of Self-Defense Edited by: Jay W. Hamrick Minister of Vote's Education and Orientation As of 9/11/14 There are 52 members and growing in North Carolina

Author: Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 12 pages

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