NBA players ‘silent’ partners in getting rich off prisoners prison slavery, by their private stock

Lowe Bey, Sheikh Fredrico



[letterhead: image of prison bars with the text "Those of us who are in prison have been convicted. Everyone else is still on trial."] "NBA PLAYERS 'SILENT' PARTNERS IN GETTING RICH OFF PRISONERS PRISON SLAVERY, BY THEIR PRIVATE STOCK TAKEN IN BY JPAY & SECURUS AS OWNED BY NBA OWNER... WHOM CAPITALIZES ON MASS INCARCERATION" By: SHEIKH FREDRICO LOWE BEY, G.S In today's society it's a well known fact prison slavery is the trade that many have relied on to obtain wealth and fortune for their own greed without first, thinking about who the money is being taken from or how prisoners lives are actually impacted after receiving money from their family and friends, just to be conspired against by the ones looking over them, to keep them incarcerated... or those such as NBA owner Tom Gores, the owner of the Detroit Pistons NBA franchise, is a billionaire who founded Platinum Equity, a private equity firm with about 40 portfolio companies and $23 billion under management. To put things in the proper and right perspective many members of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) maintained their place at the forefront of the movement for racial justice even while encapsulated in the National Basketball Association (NBA) bubble during the 2020 championship playoffs. This was the basketball court inside the Disney World bubble that was proudly emblazoned with "BLACK LIVES MATTER" with an impossible-to-miss font size listing. Herein, NBPA members had gone on a three-day playoff strike in August 2020, that triggered madness by the police shooting of Jacob Blake, who is a Black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, that was left paralyzed, after being shot seven (7) times as he leaned into a car. This strike resulted in an agreement between the league and players to establish a social-justice coalition and associated advertising with focus on Civic engagement, ballot access and reform of police and the corrupt criminal justice system that's just as worse now as it had been when they shot Blake and killed George Floyd. Moreover, the franchises that own their own arenas pledged to "work with local elections officials to convert the facility into voting location for the 2020 election." Nevertheless, the players and league had been strangely silent about one of the owners Tom Gores, who was exploiting incarcerated individuals for profit. This was reported in The American Prospect, the Detroit Pistons NBA franchise owner had bought up JPay and Securus. You see, one of the 40 portfolio companies owned by Gores was Aventiv, which is one of the larger companies providing telephone and money services to to prisoners in certain areas of the United States. This company operated under the name of Securus Technology and JPay units. Aventiv gouges prisons in-take of prices it charges prisoners for staying in touch with their family and friends. Kickbacks are handed over to the Missouri Department of Corrections, whom entered into a legal contract with Securus, to allow prisoners by force of using Securus and JPay only to conduct any of its business. JPay charge a large amount of money for music that's provided to society free, which the Department of Corrections is given a hefty percentage of any money prisoners pay for any songs they desire to have, [b]ut, when there's wrongs taken place within the institutions, the grievance system doesn't fair well with the prisoners, in that the Department of Corrections has made it their business to "DENY" any grievances filed by the prisoners against JPay or Securus, to protect its interest in gaining money from prisoners as spent. This is done at the hands of Jeff Norman, Deputy Division Director of the Missouri Department of Corruption, who is better known as "Dr. No!" His response for anything prisoners filed against the Prisons, Staff or Securus or JPay, is no! It's a well known fact that Missouri prisoners haven't risen to the occasion yet, to challenge this madness administered by both the Department of Corrections and it's counter parts, but whenever they open thier hearts minds and eyes, they're going to knock this ball clean out of the park! What's so puzzling is, many of the basketball players have family members incarcerated all over the world, [y]et, to sit silent and reap the benefits of all the money prisoners are forced to spend with JPay and Securus, the Missouri Department of Corrections shouldn't be allowed to benefit from any of the prisoners hard earned money. In the State of Missouri prisoner's are paid $7.50 monthly or $8.50. If one has a GED or High School Diploma then he/she is entitled to the $8.50 per month pay but if not, prison pay is simply $7.50. If one isn't a part of the Prison Industry Complex that pays certain person incarcerated ¢.33 per hour to work building the Departments multi Million Dollar take, then one has to be content with family support. This money is conspired against by prison staff because they desire to break the families of prisoners at whatever costs. Let the record reflect also, Judges, Prosecutors, Senators, Prison Staff and others are all involved in this take. The Prison Industrial Complex has much more than what the eye can see about it. [Y]et, one has to be ever mindful that there's no such thing in life as innocent actions! For every reason there's a season! For every action there's a reaction! Draw! Stocks, as many basketball players have ventured down on, have not been investigated by players, just that, they own stock and receives money. But like making moves on the court when going in for the basket, why don't the players use their heads to look at what is actually being invested in, to make a solid move not to be used as Gores is involved in? When one looks at the bigger picture, not one NBA Player said a word about the investment they may be involved in as Tom Gores has possibly misled them into being involved with and as a result of thier ignorance, they figure that as long as the stock is being a producing stock, then let the money fall deep into their pockets. Appendix A-Sentenced To Prison Slavery and Appendix B-NBA OWNER CAPITALIZES ON MASS INCARCERATION; PLAYERS SILENT, are the ultimate documents that can not only demonstrate just how corrupt society is, but that no basketball player in the United States of American would, after making such protest during all the madness and killings of African American Men, Women and Children by Police as their constant display of hate for Blacks, continue allow people like Tom Gores and the Missouri Department of Corrections with their insidious greedy conspiracy to be carried out on their watch. Where's the justice in remaining silent? I can see they remain silent after being arrested, but to do so when you know that someone's using you! Wake up and correct this matter or, you are just as guilty as those whom have rocked you to sleep! Peace & Allah's Love & Mercy! Respectfully submitted, SHEIKH FREDRICO LOWE BEY, G.S.

Author: Lowe Bey, Sheikh Fredrico

Author Location: Missouri

Date: 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 4 pages

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