Never ending railroad

Freedom, Mike



Never Ending Railroad By: Mike Freedom I never truly understood this cruel world we live in, nor the injustice system that society has established many years ago. Well centuries ago to phrase it correctly of the laws that are supposed to govern us. When those who are in higher authority do not abide by the laws and guidelines established by our government system themselves. I'm speaking on Georgia's land of the Confederate flag and good ol' boy injustice system. A state that has corrupted and brainwashed the psychological mind frame of so many of our black men and women who thrive off of enslaving their people based on the order of Georgia's white slave masters who sit in high places. Racism is not as upfront in our face boldly as it used to be. If a black man is not fighting against his own kind, he's battling the corruption of the judicial system. No Jim Crow era anymore, no cotton picking fields of slavery, no more being hung from a tree branch. It's now in our government with corruption of police, judges, attorneys, District Attorneys, or Attorney Generals. We are now being hung from our neck in the court system and inside the penal system. What's so ridiculous is our kind are the ones who hold us down inside these prison walls. The correctional officers are majority black Americans, unlike reference of our race as African Americans is surely out (2) By: Mike Freedom the equation. We are our worst enemies now, utilized as puppets against one another. Why do I say this? Look around you now, majority of the government representatives are racist white men who are only Klansmen with a suit and tie on. These officials use our own kind to govern and discipline their own race, which are black people majority. Inside the prison system correction officers are predominately black, the administrators are majority black Wardens, Deputy Wardens, Chief Counselors, Counselors, Shift Supervisors, including kitchen staff. The main ones not helping black inmates, Hispanics and Latinos by denying us educational classes, stereotyping based on how a person looks or what a person record consist of. Writing falsified reports, physical assault, verbal abuse, unprofessionalism, and downright dragging our own kind in the face for many to see. It's not the white administrators who treat the black race wrongfully. It's our own kind who step on the next black man or woman trying to hold one another down. I've noticed when a prisoner is at a facility that's ran by predominately white American officials, the facility operates smoothly and I'm certain many will agree. Although when housed at a facility where it's ran predominately by black Americans, the facility operates in total confusion and everyone wants to be the boss or "head negro in charge". As the saying goes "to many chiefs and not enough Indians". (3) By: Mike Freedom Georgia's prison plantation system is designed for the Uncle Tom head slaves to monitor the rest of the slaves on its money machine empire. The head slaves are to report any wrongdoing to the slave master (white American) and when he receives the report, it's then ordered for this head slave brutally whip the other slaves. Meaning illegally punish a prisoner by violating his or her constitutional bill of prisoner's rights. It all starts back as far as slavery giving the black race power over their fellow brother or sister. Once this power is given the head slave acts as if he or she is now licensed to whip and punish as a master does themselves. In nowadays the judicial system is a form of genocidal slavery. We are the ones used as slaves and punished brutally by our own kind, lied on, treated unfairly, while administrators glorify abusing their authority towards black prisoners. Then when the head officials come around, such as commissioner, assistant commissioner, regional directors, etc. the black prison administration staff smile, laugh and dance for them as if everything has been operating smoothly, and they've done no wrongful prisoner abuse, followed all policies and guidelines, including the laws governing this state. The story of Mike's Freedom is where a young black man is taken from his legitimate business establishment for questioning of a murder without any (4) By: Mike Freedom probable cause. Hearsay testimony and no pre-trial investigation whatsoever, becomes the beginning orchestration of a wrongful conviction. With Georgia's governmental scheme of thirst for political success and hunger for money by any means necessary. A human being is worth only more money in our state's pocket by placing a GDC number on a man or woman no matter if their "Innocent Without Being Proven Guilty". The rope around a black man's neck is strung up on the honorable judges of Georgia's courtroom trees. With a orchestrated plan of tossing either a basketball, Television, football, board games and other forms of mind altering activities at us so we want to think twice of opening up the numerous pages concerning our case. They sit back laughing in their suits and ties, because the key to our freedom is layed right in front of our eyes in black ink and white paper. Although if a black man is educated within Georgia's plantation walls those in the appellate court system wait in the shadows to deny cases that hold reversible errors. Where those merits being addressed demands a innocent black man be rightfully set free. "Oh you're a smart negro, huh? Doesn't matter once you a slave, doing all day long time in good ol' Georgia boy". As you continuously pursue freedom, taking blow after blow. The Georgia prison system then takes orders from those masters who sit behind the scenes in high places and begin their pursuit of (5) By: Mike Freedom breaking one's spirit inside these walls. Mysterious attacks from prison staff, falsified Disciplinary Reports written up towards a black prisoner just to formulate ways to place his strong mind or strong neck in solitary confinement. Without being broken mentally continuing your stride is hated by prison officials, because you're to strong of a man. Therefore, you're now placed behind the walls for 14 months on a tier 24 hour lockdown program while only displaying good behavior and conduct towards administrational staff. Once this slave plantation staff see that no matter what the pursuit for freedom will never end, nor will you give up until finally being set free. Georgia's never ending railroad continues to keep so many of us trapped in captivity deep in Georgia's dirty South. Mike Freedom

Author: Freedom, Mike

Author Location: Georgia

Date: June 18, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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