Never far away

Fuller, Brian D.



NEVER FAR AWAY Hate me if you need to Love me if you can But I hope you don't expect too much After all, I'm just a man I used to know just what to say Or even what to do But I know I'm not forgotten Because I remember you Time can play some evil tricks And make things hard to find Am I really going crazy? Or did I just lose my mind? I never meant to hurt you And I did not want to go So no matter how I say it I think you already know Hope tells me there will come a day When I see you again For now I just don't have a clue About how, or where, or when Within the moon come find me It's in your dreams I stay It doesn't matter what you think I'm never far away [drawings of peace symbol, monkey, heart, and smiley face] PEACE MONKEY LOVE HAPPY an original poem by me Brian Fuller

Author: Fuller, Brian D.

Author Location: Texas

Date: 2023

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 1 pages

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