Newswrap raw…9-11…U.S.A….2016

Carroll, Richard W.



Newswrap raw...9-11...U.S.A....2016 ... 8:45 a.m ... bell rings ... " ... ding ... a moment of silence, in memory please ..." * - Daren Seals, the Ferguson (St. Louis) activist who spoke out about the killings of black males by the police; was himself killed (shot) and burned to death inside his car, found in some rural suburban area. This is the same pattern of six other black males killed in that area, the same way within the last year. Facts further show that just a few days earlier, he had been pulled over by at least 10 detectives with guns pointed at him, as they told him he should be aware of the side he is on (threats, ...). This strongly appears to be another "killing of another innocent black man American Citizen by racist corrupt police ...". He had been assaulted, shot dead and then set on fire, ... his car was so totally destroyed with him in it that it appeared to have been bombed with military grade explosives, .... He had also been a "black lives matter", supporter... - There now appears to be threats by the same directed towards Tef Poe, another black spokesperson. -- Further known retaliation by the police and corrupted criminal justice system is the false imprisonment of the photographer of Eric Garners death. They plan to place him in prison now for life - As all this and so much more police corruption is ongoing, no one seems to want to address the over 100 police and staff involved in the known RAPINGS, etc. of children under 18 in the Oakland area and others of California. This involved over 4 different police districts ... supervisors, etc. Involved, ... found ongoing sins 2005 ... - ... all the above and far more (worse) has been going on in within other cities and states as well, like Pittsburgh (Allegheny County) Pennsylvania since the 70's ... (where there they do not allow the news to get out, thus false imprisonments, censorship, blackouts, murders, ... ) -... yet no one, the FOP or other so called protectors, care to address to above matters, or rouge cops, this national epidemic, statutory RAPES by police, sex trafficking by the police, the need to address further the corrupt police chiefs and those who appoint them for being aware yet doing nothing, ... (Note Pennsylvania's "kids for CASH", the SANDUSKY child molestations of over 30 years, all tapes etc. recovered by Attorney General Kathleen Kane, Bud Dwire, million dollar bank frauds done by criminal court Judges, the thousands still behind bars for false imprisonments, that corrupt officials have now turned into a muti-million dollar business, etc., ... and so so much worse ...] *- Alabama has No Blacks on its appellate courts and is now brought to the worlds attention by the long awaited lawsuit by a religious pastor, Reverend Curtis Travis... *- ... being 1st responders, our skin color (black) didn't matter, after though... *- The criminal justice system, is fundamentally flawed, systematically corrupt, allows whites to get off totally free while taking the lives of blacks and destroying their families... They make it criminal for one but not for the other Somethings terribly wrong with the system; intentionally stalling, obstructions, etc., *- a certain certain candidate and her democratic party continue to lead for the continued unjust destruction of black american citizens ... - ... they admit nothing, deny everything, make counter accusations, all while running the time out, ... - she destroyed evidence of her criminal acts while under criminal investigations, and the criminal justice system said that was okay and declared her innocent ... - even her assistant was given a top security clearance... (WHY-HOW!!!) - We salute a bright light that shines through so much darkness in America, the Honorable Jason Chaffetz. Sir, we salute you. You Rock.

Author: Carroll, Richard W.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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