Nixon, Reagan’s Republican playbook

Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)



Nixon, Reagan's republican playbook As minister of self-defense for National Intelligence for African American Communities 3rd Party Progeny Black Panthers North Carolina Chapter. I would like to congradulate Thom Tillis for mastering the methods and techniques of the late president Richard Milhouse Nixon, and Ronald Wilson Reagan. Thom Tillis camp revamped the old into the new. Their ability to out perform U.S. senator Kay Hagan was a blast from the past. Most of us especially the X generation and the millennials remember President Richard Nixon from reading about his impeachment for obstruction of justice, abuse of power, and contempt of congress during the Watergate scandal. No one remember how crafty President Nixon was in pitting Caucasian Americans from the working class and middle class against African Americans from urban areas that classified as non-workers. Nixon's key adviser H.R. Haldeman recalled Nixon pursuing a southern racial strategy. The key to this strategy was to create a system that promoted without using the words or appearing to use the words of racism. John Ehrlichman special counsel to Nixon's administration said that Nixon's 1968 campaign strategy was to go after the racist. Ehrlichman's felt that subliminal appeal anti-African American voters was always present in Nixon's statements and speeches. Republican strategist Kevin Phillips argued in "The Emerging Republican Majority" published in 1969 that Nixon's successful presidential election campaign could point the way toward long-term political realignment and the building a new Republican majority, if Republicans continued to campaign primarily on the basis of racial issues, using coded Anti- African American rhetoric. Street crime, illegal drug use, delinquency, and welfare cheats. He felt this strategy would lure southern Caucasian American Democrat votes. Ronald Reagan ability to mimic Richard Nixon's methods and techniques was almost breath taking and yet troubling at the same time. Michelle Alexander wrote in her New York Bestseller The New Jim Crow, that Ronald Reagan campaign to the presidency was a result of his mastering the excision of the language of race from conservative discourse and thus built on the success of earlier conservatives who developed a strategy of exploiting racial hostility or resentment for political gain without making explicit reference to race. Ronald Reagan used Nixon methods and techniques riding into office with the strong disaffected caucasion Americans- poor and working class caucasion Americans who felt betrayed by the Democratic Party's embrace of the civil rights agenda. North Carolina U.S. Senator Elect Thom Tillis reached in the republican's bag of old tricks, and pulled out the "Nixon and Reagan Playbook." His campaign ads mostly consist of"Obama" and U.S. senator Kay Hagan support for him. Thom Tillis was not running against Kay Hagan, he was running against President Obama. Out of the 80 percent caucasion americans in North Carolina Kay Hagan only received one third of their votes according to information out of the Charlotte Observer Sat. Nov. 8, 2014 Newspaper. Thom Tillis associated Kay Hagan with not just the president, but also with healthcare, immigration, gay marriages, isis, ebola, etc., Thom Tillis directed his campaigns to the American people who felt betrayed. His campaign used the same ingidiants as Nixon and Reagan by surgically removing the actual language racism. Still his message did not fall short to the many Anti- African American Caucasion Americans from the poor, working, and middle class. The republicans saw an oppertunity to resurrect a strategy and did it succefully to win the majority of the senate. Tom Tillis ran for the U.S. senate, but used the plays from the president's playbook. Richard Nixon used Anti-African American rhetoric in down playing civil rights activists for his law and order campaign. He did this for political gain. Ronald Reagan used Anti- African American rhetoric to support the crime and welfare campaign appealing to those who displayed racial hostility. He did this only for political gain. Thom Tillis used Anti-African American rhetoric in support of his U.S. Senate campaign. Kay Hagan supported Obama, and Obamacare. He did this for political gain. Just ask the 500,000 North Carolinians who medicaid that was cut. When we come to the realization that politicians surgical excisions of explicit racial language is meant to cause racial disputes, we can move forward until than we are stuck in the past.

Author: Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: 2014

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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