No freedom of choice

Brownell, Charles A.



“No Freedom of choice” The state of Arkansas Criminal Justice System is dissolute to the degree that Detention, Prosecution, Persecution, Discipline, and Institution actions are all false and FORCED! How you may ask? The people are disciplined for not telling officials what they want to hear and for NOT signing paperwork. This means all forms of “CONFESSION” under all forms of detention by officials and any signing paperwork if any kind is coercion under fear imposed threat or actual threat of disciplinary action. If you are under official “questioning” by an officer whilst detained by ANY means in ANY location such as a questioning room, office room, or even in an incarceration institution, the instant any question is asked or a request is made, it is COERSION. There cannot be “Freedom of Speech or Choice” While in any part or form of the criminal justice system. We, as a society, teach our Children that while you are under someone else's control, be it in their building, institution, house, or business, you must follow their RULES and do as you are told or there WILL BE PUNISHMENT! We are taught that with LAW, Government, State Officials, Officers, and anyone of perceived authority, you MUST DO AS YOU ARE TOLD or ELSE you will be punished which is a very direct threat. You do NOT talk back or speak up in defense or you will be punished. When you're in Police Custody (the most dangerous to your safety and rights), you are told “you must do as we say or face punishment.” which everyone knows is the LAW. Secretly teaches people to FEAR these officials or People of Power and authority and to do as they say or face punishment that can be very petty or anything up to RAPE and/or Death entirely because you refused to do what you were told and were scared to speak up or defend yourself. Officials use this fact as do all peoples in positions of power that coerse a person under their authority into SEXUAL or other acts such as signing over right or ownership of properties which is ILLEGAL for everyone but the “officials” of the Criminal Injustice System especially in Arkansas. Arkansas is an Anarchy state of Tyranny, a Dictatorship, saying “do as I say, NOT as I Do.” Detectives and other officials are trained in Mental techniques, a physiological warfare, that commonly uses threatening in some form such as threats: “They'll go easy on you.” “It will lessen your sentence.” “We will put a Good word in with the judge.” “We'll put you in the Box (Polygraph Known to be inaccurate.) “(Insert false witnesses here) told us everything.” “We will make sure you never see the light again.” “I'll push for life.” “You'll get DEATH!” This threatening coercion is just a tiny portion of the threats used and is much more extreme then your parents used to use when you were a child thinking THEY were being unfair. Combine those threats, techniques, with an already pre trained FEAR and it's all COERSION. Jails can be WORSE than the prisons as jails are incarceration institutions specially designed to be oppressive, depressive, restrictive, tortuous, and separate the people from friends, family, and the valuable resources such as criminal attorney (the attorney will tell you that you must get out or there won't be anything they can do for you), forcing the assignment of a public defender who has the same employer as the prosecution and Prison System causing a conflict of interest because the state benefits from both the public defender and your incarceration thus your defense is NOT their priority. Jails are also horribly uncomfortable and dangerous with poor health care and 24 hour lighting, again forms of torture and oppression, all designed to break people down mentally so they are out of their right minds, impulsive, poor cognitive reasoning and CONFESS just to be free of their torture. Research these facts and you’ll find a disturbing truth that all criminal trials are tortured coersion and it has been known and concealed for years. This also hides the 25 to 35% innocent conviction rate even for the DEATH penalty so known that our country and the state of Arkansas regularly incarcerated and murders innocent men, and women as well as children. Worse is the fact that in and out of jail, you're treated as if “Guilty” and incarcerated in punishment before ever even going to trial. In Arkansas as with all the rest of the U.S. you're “guilty until proven innocent.” Studies have proven that Greater than 92% of all people, innocent or guilty, will confess to a Crime to end their torture of the Judicials “Criminal Injustice” system to be free of the Hell this causing FEAR from the threats, the punishments, the ingrained teaching or preconditioning for incarceration. What is SICK is that the legal system gets away with this ILLEGAL coersion and torture daily in Arkansas and other states because People are scared to defend & Protect themselves, don't have the funds or means to fight it, and find out that even the Arkansas Federal System in the State because the corruption is absolute and the human trafficking and slavery system call the Arkansas Department of Correction or the ADC Prison System which profits multi hundreds of millions of dollars per year through the exploitation of the incarcerated people and rental of slaves as well as exploitation of their families. This is all done by means of Arbitrary Law Enforcement. The very moment you're asked a question or are told to sign something, it is automatically a threat when questioned by an Official or Authority figure whilst detained in any way shape or form. It IS coersion by mental attack and by assumed or direct threat of punishment, or torture. There's No such thing in the Arkansas Criminal Justice System as a Freedom of Choice, or freely given confession or PLEA of “Guilt” because it is biased and coersed. In Jail and in Prison in Arkansas, you're punished with Major Disciplinaries causing you more time and harsher punishment for “disobeying a direct order” which can lead to abuse and death and the order can be anything the official says (ATOS)… A demanded Confession. A commended Signature, A Sex favor (RAPE), anything “they” want to say or claim. If you file a complaint by Grievance or law suit against them, they can make you do more time for defending or protecting yourself. This happens all the time. In helping David Raupers with his legal work to sue his defense attorney for ineffective council, the judge actually gave Mr. Raupers 1 extra year in prison in retaliation and yes, it is in black and white on paper. He cannot get help to fight it while in jail, now while in ADC, nor even while in Arkansas because no attorney will take the case and go against ADC, the court, nor the Arkansas Parole Board because if the attorney wins the case, they’ll never have work in the state again in retaliation against them. All officials would have to do is go through cases and go through every detail looking at what isn't in the case that should be, procedures not followed, what is in the case that shouldn’t be, and the coercion for all the PLEA deals by threat. The dissolution is at ALL levels. An unknown and unannounced pleaded false felon (federal officer) needs to be run through the system, an for each major type of charge: Drug, Theft, Murder, Sex Crimes, and it will be evident quickly how deep seated the corruption is and how there is freedom of choice, only COERSION. Dear APWA Editor Team, I am Charles Brewnell and have already sent in a questionnaire and have wrote “Like in Hell” and K2: Chasing Death. Thank You, Charles Brewnell

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: July 17, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 5 pages

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