No help from the wicked!

Brownell, Charles A.



No Help From The Wicked! P1 FD Many fake or false promises are told or better yet fed from Public Pretenders (Defenders) to coerce their victims (clients) into signing a "Plea Agreement!" There's lots of problems with this corrupt practice and the worst lie they feed their victims is that you'll get help in ADC prisons. The biggest lie the Court and Public Pretenders dish out is that "They are there for you to help you!" Nearly everything is a lie designed to get the accused to sign so "they" can put the accused now "their" victim in ADC prisons which rival the German Concentration "Death" camps. All people so easily forget that all Attorneys when sworn in and by Canons have a duty to the State first to support and protect the State and its agendas, second to the People. Third to the Court to protect it and all of its interests, and lastly the Client. The Client can only be protected so long as it doesn't interfere with the interests of the State, the Public, or the Court. It is the State and Court interest to put you the accused in prison for monetary gains and not for Safety or Preventative measures. Public Safety and Crime Prevention are all lies! The Judge has the same oath and canons plus more and they're elected not appointed so they have political agendas as well as the State, the public, and the court before the client. No one is there for you or to "help" you. People forget the fact that when you are detained against your will by any person or entity, any "statement" or "signature" given is never by "free will" from fear of retaliation and of abuse or punishment. Psychologists have proven in studies, most people when detained by authorities especially armed forces, will lie giving a false confession to get an interrogation over with especially when threatened P2 or at first indication of further detainment or entrapment will continue if a confession is not given. All statements and signatures given in any condition of confinement are considered "forcefully coerced." This is why no person can be held to any "contract" signed under any form of detainment in which any form of "authority" or forceful authority is over the signee and requests or demands the signature as it is a forced agreement and is illegal. The law loves to alter and ignore this law and legal fact when it is beneficial to them in much the same manner as charging a child as an adult when the child is anything but an adult. This is an abuse of law and power in Corrupt Practice. You'll find this fact taught in nearly all Introduction to Criminal Justice books and classes. Inside the Arkansas Division of Correction (ADC) prisons, there is no help for anything. There are no Cognitive Behavioral programs only simple self help pamphlets ADC pretends is a program. The "Mental Health" system provided by Well Path (formerly Correct Care Solutions) is a joke if not a nightmare. Well Path's "Medical System" is just as much a joke or nightmare. What ADC and Well Path do offer Prisoners is abuse, torture, discrimination, hatred, cruel and unusual punishment, and murder. ADC forces Prisoners into very meaningless and ineffective programs. All programs Prisoners are stipulated or forced to do as a condition of release, (when no programs are supposed to have any sway on parole or release per ADC policy), are all programs ADC is paid by the State or other organization for each Prisoner who takes the program. This turns the programs into sweat shops full of Prisoners there faking it to make it and not No Help From The Wicked! P3 FD to actually work or do the program. They pay others for answers on tests. This is why Vo-Tech (ADC's Riverside Vo-Tech), has so many Prisoners who graduate and receive Certificates that do not know the materials nor possess the skills the Certificate says they have. So many programs have discrimination based on "Charges" making many not eligible for those programs. Help is a lie! No one is there to help you! The corrupt systems trick is that the Public Pretender of whom is a State employee, is a Public Servant, and is an Attorney, is not there to represent you the accused. There's a massive conflict of interest as this "State Supplied Attorney" is actually a facade to pretend the accused has adequate representation when the real interest of the Public Pretender is to coerce the accused to sign a contract to go to Prison. The State and ADC wants all Prison beds full at all cost because this is how the Prison System and state makes money and through the slavery of the Prisoners. This makes putting people in Prison the agenda and priority of the Judge, Prosecuting Attorney, and Public Pretender of whom are all State employees. This is also how they get bonuses. This makes the entire system a conflict of interest, a slave camp, and illegal/unconstitutional. Again an abuse of law and power. To have an attorney "represent you" is an admittance of and proof of incompetence and places you the accused entirely at the mercy of the Prosecution, the Judge, the Court, the Public Pretender, the Public, and the State of which all have the same agenda... lie to the public so it is unanimous to put you in Prison or force you to sign a plea to go to prison. A Public Pretender lies to the client by telling them P4 that they're there for them when in truth the Pretender is actually there for the Court and State not the accused. The State lets the Court and Judge force you the accused to be represented by an attorney who will make decisions for you not in your best interest. A Public Pretender will sell you out to the State and Court which is their actual responsibility. A Public Pretender will help prosecution threaten you the accused with extra and trumped up charges as well as excessivly large sentences if you don't accept and sign for a plea deal. They'll also lie about the times you sign for on the plea saying you'll not do all that time and will get out on X date on parole. Good time and your TE (parole) date are the biggest lies and jokes ADC and the Criminal Justice system of Arkansas tell. If you have a public pretender your odds of going to Prison are 98% and they'll even bypass all sentencing regulations and first time offender regulations. Try to fine your Public Pretender and you'll find out that the Judge will most likely refuse your request and your forced to have that ineffective council (Public Pretender) whos there for the Court and State not you. They'll even lie in Arkansas telling you when you take a plea deal you have no right to appeal in which you actually have 60 days and lie that you have no right to habeas which is guaranteed by Arkansas and U.S. Constitution. A Public Pretender is there to help the State and Court to help supply slaves to the ADC Prisons for that blood money collected from ADC. It quickly becomes very obvious and clear no one cares about the incarcerated People and justify the treatment, abuse, mental damage and make them appear as less than People. Please allow the sharing No Help From the Wicked! P5 FD of this very sad but true story: An Inmate already mentally unstable who battles horrible bouts of severe depression and is fed up with the abuse and torture in the ADC Prisons is threatened by a psycho that the psycho is going to stab and kill the Inmate. This is entirely because this psycho, a serial killer, hid a knife on the Inmates bed because the Inmate is a sex offender despite fact the Inmate didn't want it there. The psycho caught out one morning while the Inmate was at work in the kitchen. The Inmate discovered the knife was missing from his matt and was not on his rack so he assumed the psycho took it when he caught out. The psycho Cameron "the Lion" (the Lion comes from tatoos on his face to make his face look like a lion face) tells the Inmate to hold down the knife he would be there to get it and the Inmate told him it was gone. "The Lion" then accused the Inmate of stealing it threatening to come down the hall and kill him. The Inmate became severely depressed and fed up with being abused, tortured, and threatened by ADC staff and Inmates. On April 26th, 2020 after eating breakfast, the Inmate took 60 Aspirin tablets of 81 mg each totaling 4,800 mg and 10 Naproxen pills of 500 mg each totaling 5,000 mg in full expectation of this killing him. The Inmate did this as a desperate attempt to save himself from ADC, the nightmares, the abuse and torment from both staff and Inmates. He awoke the next day in dread that he was still alive and slept off the entire day. That night, he talked to his friends Draco and Justin. Draco had him put in a request to mental health at the kiosk detailing the attempted suicide and reason for doing so. P6 On April 27th, 2020 at 6:30 a.m. the Inmate was called down to the infirmary and Mrs. Simpson (a Well Path nurse who actually cares) asked the Inmate what was going on and why. The Inmate informed Mrs. Simpson that he was severely depressed after being on a long manic high and he was fed up with the abuse, torture, and threats from ADC staff and Inmates and that a psycho who is known to make knives and had cuff keys has himself convinced that the Inmate stil a knife that the psycho himself, Cameron "the Lion" hid on the Inmates rack and that the psycho took with him when he caught out. Nurse Simpson put a heavy referral to Mental Health and took the Inmates vitals. She then chewed his ass out after she and Nurse Amaster "Mrs. A" both played the psycho off as just a manipulator and not a threat. Nurse Simpson raised question about why the Inmate would put his mom and family through that loss. She told him if he ever succeeds that she'll bring him back and kill him again herself. She informs the Inmate that what he took was not enough to kill him and to not abuse his medications. Nurse Simpson had Sgt. Cook escort the Inmate back to his barracks and confiscate all his on person medications (OPM's). At 8:30 a.m. the Inmate is called out to Mental Health. Sgt. Lowe escorts him out and he is immediatly called into a room with two females. One asks what is going on and how he is doing and he replies he's not doing well obviously as he'd gotten severely depressed and tried to kill himself by overdose of Aspirin and mixing NSAIDs. The lady behind the desk asks what caused it. The Inmate replies that he has bipolar, nothing has to cause it, it just happens No Help From the Wicked! P7 FD and has his entire life. The lady responds calling him a liar and stating something always has to cause depression. The other lady standing at the door then asks, "What proof do we have that you took those pills?" Again they're calling him a liar then discuss how they're going to talk to Nurse Simpson to "verify." The lady at the desk then says, "You put on the kiosk that someone threatened you. Are you willing to talk to the Captain or Major and give a written statement?" The Inmate replied, "So you all can run and inform the other guy who said what! No! I'm not fuckin' stupid and have had friends and know of People who've been murdered for talking!" The lady at the desk tells the Inmate, "This isn't a Mental Health issue, it is a security issue and you wont talk to security. The kiosk isn't for stuff like this." The Inmate replies, "So attempted suicide and bipolar isn't a mental health issue?" She responds, "We have no proof you did anything." The Inmate's blood is boiling and he's furious wanting to kill the monster in front of him and destroy the building. He goes quiet reminding himself over and over he wants to go home. The lady then asks him why he would do it. He growls and is breathing hard, fists clenched. The lady tries talking and even tries to convince the Inmate they are there to help. She asks him about his mom and asks him what he has to live for once she gets him to talk. He was quiet for a bit then said, "My mom." The lady tries to give him a bullshit spill about how they're really there to help. He scoffs and responds, "Yeah right! Doin' a fuckin' smashing job at that!" She asks, "What made you become depressed?" He responds, "I told you alrea... No, never mind. Fuck it! I didn't, I made it all up!" She responds, "But you just said it so why would you make it up?" He insists he P8 made it all up and told her he just wants out of the room because he's about to fuck that room and her up. She tells him he doesn't have bipolar because he's been able to maintain control and knows how to control himself. He responds, "So my fucking doctor in the real world is a liar? So I'm not in Prison because of poor self control?" The lady starts to back pedal and the Inmate asks, "Can I just fuckin' go?" She tells him he has to sign a refusal and offers to give him the same "self help" printouts from the Internet she has given him before. He refuses the self help bullshit. He then signs the refusal and leaves. Escorted again by Sgt. Lowe, the Inmate is pissed off, fists balled up. Sgt. Lowe apologizes and states she was listening and is sorry they refused to help him. She asks if it makes him feel any kind of way and he responds that he is pissed off and wants to go back and kill that woman. On 4-29-2020 at approximately 3:30 (ish) p.m. going into the chow hall for the main kitchen, the Inmate asked Sgt. McCloud to sign a Grievance he wrote dated 4-27-20 about how Mental Health did nothing for him as follows: Complaint: Concerning Mental Health. Yes... "The morning of 4-27-20 @ approximately 8:30 a.m. I was called out to mental health because I'd attempted to kill myself (suicide) by overdose of Aspirin. A friend had me put in to mental health to get help. All they wanted to do is harass me and say they do not belive I took the Aspirin and Naproxen, run me down and belittle my reasons and words so I closed up and refused to talk. I No Help From the Wicked! P9 FD wanted to hurt that fake ass idiot. Mental health refuses to believe I have bipolar and only want to give me lame ass internet self help printouts. No real help. According to them, being suicidal and attempting it is not a mental health issue and I shouldn't use the kiosk like that! Sgt. Lowe was agitated with them and she apologized for mental health not doing their job!" Sgt. McCloud refused to sign the Grievance as she stated she really isn't comfortable on how to proceed forward so she wanted to talk to Captain Madden. Captain Madden come in to talk with the Inmate and started off saying, "You need to be locked up!" He replied, "No!" She responded, "According to this you do because you're suicidal." He replied, "Not now. I'm on top of the world and all is peachy keen." The Inmate then says, "So you get punished and put in solitary for being severely depressed and suicidal?" Madden then says, "Well, you threatened to hurt a staff member." He replies, "I really wanted to at the time because she treats people any kind of way she wants to. I don't want to now." Madden states, "You need to be locked up?" He replies, "I am, but no... not right now... and sometimes yes." Madden then says, "I don't want to fight you." He replies, "I don't want to fight you. I don't want to hurt anyone but I will if you force me!" She then tells him she will say she didn't see the Grievance and to rewrite and reword it and get it signed. She then gave the grievance back. P10 On 4-30-20 the Grievance is rewritten and the Inmate is informed that if he proceeds forward with the Grievance, he will be locked up and punished in solitary confinement. He walks away with the Grievance. May 5th, 2020 at treatment call, the nurse signs the Inmate out a full card of 30 Aspirin tablets. The very medication he attempted suicide with indicating nothing was filed or done about his attempted suicide. It is quite obvious from the lies of the Court, the judges, the attorneys to the deliberate indifference in treatment of Abuse, Torture, punishment, and murder by ADC and Well Path and deliberate intentional actions of Staff. There truly is no help from the wicked and the suicidal Inmate was I, the author.

Author: Brownell, Charles A.

Author Location: Arkansas

Date: April 20, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 10 pages

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