No love just abuse




No Love Just Abuse 11/30/17 I was on Rikers Island 1991-1993. One day I went to court, and while waiting in the bull-pen-with other prisoners-the office opened the gate to let new arrivals in. One of the prisoners told me "get up out of your seat, I want to sit down," I said "no". He then punched me in my face. When I was home, I tried to talk to a girl. She told her boyfriend and he came up to me and punched me in my face. I did not know she had a boyfriend. Boys harassed my ex girlfriend, even grabbed her butt. All the men who punched me in my face have a lady, children etc. It wasn't my intention to merely earn $3.35 per hour. It was the only job I can get. I never intended to drop out of school, or have a learning disability. It was not my intent-to settle for a veel life into paying drug addicted prostitutes for sex. I was un-loved so severe, and bullied, abused, and rejected, I believed I was ugly, and that I will never be with a lady. Also when I did find a friend the bullies would harass me and her. I was called ugly, [sutt?], a punk, etc. I was not into crime, and it was not my intention to kill any one, I exploded into an emotional disturbance loss of control. Also people where I am from will not even accept not even one small thing, like being punched in the face, or even called ugly, without resulting to violence. I did not have any support, no social worker to guide me, no financial support etc. I worked hard as any other person at Dogostino's. I was a child growing up in a rough place. How can they rehabilitate and treat my condition with further abuse, and deprivation? They are rehabilitating their pockets, with a slave.

Author: Prince

Author Location: New York

Date: November 30, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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