No matter




No Matter #1 No matter how mad I get it doesnt change how thing are. life has to go how life has to go no matter what. There once was a time when I could make the turn, rush or stop because of my anger. All that has disappeared now and Im left alone just me. I can constantly find parts to crawl into in my mind to relive them so that I may disappear from this hell. But I always come back similar to a boomerang or a frisby thrown high to come low with time. I lost track of all the times my doubts got the best of me and my fear decived me. Yesterday I was the yellowstone national park all beautful with family and the dog, today Im the volcano erupted to kill many and leave few. My self destruction only destroy from within busting out like a light town. Calm water rocked gently against my shoulder untill the waves came to bully them away splashing and laughing as the hit me #2 over and over again. But no matter what, I still stand shining lights on the lost even though at point in time Im all alone again if just for one minute the noise repeat, flashback of a time when I was cared about. Blue moons apear to be sad with color, one day I saw the sun and the moon play together. They laughed as the moon chased the sun away but no matter what the sun ever lasted lasting all of his light time. Then I was gone left alone with the big dipper whom guarded the little Dipper as they gladly watch the school of fish come and go never missing class with big promise to see the teacher.

Author: Bobby

Author Location: Texas

Date: March 28, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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