No place for redemption




No Place For Redemption Greetings Conveyed. I'm taking the opportunity to submit an essay to your archives in order to voice my experience to the worlds and hopefully make society realize that prison isnt no longer a form of punishment. I wish to elaborate on the physical and psychological conditions we endure but most importantly, how we create our own society. Its important to share because without rehabilitation, as a prisoner myself, were only being released as hardened criminals. Since the 50s, pre-dominance of race was the beginning trend of an epidemic. Prison officials have no intent to ensure prisoner safety, because when their shift ends, their free to leave. They have no concern on how we live in here, so long as their 8 hours shifts pay. Overtime or lockdown just means more pay. When you place anyone in any environment, they will learn to adapt. Its just in our human nature. Society and the penal system funded the idea of incarceration to house criminals and reduce crime in communities. But has it done exactly that? I have a decade of experience to shed light on But I wont say at the least, that we are not responsible for our own rehabilitation because every time we are given something good, or benificial, we tend to ruin it by incriminating these benifits to our own agendas. That I can admit. I continue to see inmates rights being violated by the judicial system, whether its physical or non physical. But yet were expected to rely on prison staff to ensure our safety, to enforce inmate equal rights, but we face inappropriate demeanor and prison administration oppression [and?] illegal subjections of cruel and unusual punishment, how are we suppose to argue or stand such? Or the fact that we're locked in a concrete tomb all day this is used more as a thinking box leading to stress and depression, maybe even suicide doesn't help the problem. Such sicknesses usually eliminates the energy for motivation, positive attitude, productivity etc. Along with moral, family, financial support has an adverse affect on our condition just as human beings. So as this all builds up, we as inmates have no choice but to succumb to these forms of punishment I agree that our prison sentences were never meant to be luxurious. For the crimes committed to victims, their families, society itself, we need to earn our right to regain our freedom, our return to society as rehabilitated felons. But that's not possible within a system that isn't necessarily designed around rehabilitation. Its perceived that way. But every inmate will share his own personal view and if consolidated, you will see all of our opinions are the same. The administration has no concern for our transition in society. So you have a mass population of convicted criminals doing years behinds these walls with no chance, no guidence, no options. Prisons seem to be like recycling bins. Prisoners are leaving prison with so much lack of knowledge and skillset, they seem to return back to the criminality they're used to. But I wont necessarily just blame the penal system nor the prison administration. But if you lived in my perdicament, but I could pinpoint the disciplinary procedure's inefficiency and mismanagement, lawsuits filed against staff, medical, brute force, to lack of funding, housing, proper clothing, to the security housing units. Instead Im just generalizing the fact that prison has no positive use towards our reformation as criminals into law-abiding citizens, its just temporary insanity because of the mental and physical effect it has on us wholeheartedly. Prison Housing thus extracts the human nature to adapt, all it did and continues to do is create a society of our own. We are humans still. We need to find purposes in life. To still have a life aside from doing life in prison. Unfortunately, a majority of us enter coming from the gang culture, or racial prejudice, and those criminal elements alot causes the evolutions of prison societies. What happens when you put a bunch of undomesticated animals into a cage together? Exactly. We are already violent offenders and to demand us to co-exist while seeking rehabilitation is challenging. Why do gangs and prison organizations continue to form and flourish? We need the idea of self-control. Having to do decades of lack of control of your own life, either with no chance of freedom again, having nothing to gain or nobody to turn to developing certain survival means and techniques, even if there a slim chance for positive change, the criminal control of the enviorment is a vortex. Its very unpreventable. And it's unfortunate for those who wish to find redemption and rehabilitation only to see some form of negative prison/convict aspect infringe on that man's chances of success. To make matters worse, we've instilled so much self-control of our environmental living conditions that the laws and legal systems can't intervene, only maximize our sentences. I view the system now as it is being used by a lot of individuals with criminal mentalities are not only permanently involved with their habits and ways of thinking, that these are just grounds for re-developments and recreation. Not too many are changing. Prison is only imprisonment. It's only being used to contribute to our ways of life and choices. Nobody is taking their incarceration serious. Arriving at my conclusion I have years of experience of each and every challenge I've merely touched on in here. I am a validated prison gang member who can admit that we are still solely responsible for our situations and alot to endure. But it doesn't help that we are also faced with indignities of prison life itself that make it no easier for us. The moral of my essay, in which I could hopefully one day shed light on is that prison is no place to be or remain in. Rehabilitation can only be better found with resources and opportunities available to those who need the change from society itself. Entering prison isnt going to make a difference. Prison is just being buried alive. For further reading from myself or the Back publishing company I've recently have been working with and other authors please go to

Author: Manitas

Author Location: California

Date: October 17, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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