Non-fiction prison struggle for human rights and medical rights

Hazel, Bobby E.



NON-FICTION PRISON STRUGGLE FOR HUMAN RIGHTS AND MEDICAL RIGHTS The United States Constitution of the Eighth Amendment protects prisoner's against cruel and unusual punishment doing confinement. In my ordeal my keeper's prison official's have arbitrary actions continue it oppress- ion of my rights and other prisoner's rights for human rights and medical rights with a culpable stand of mind that cause harm and injury. In reviewing a prisoner rights here in United States of America,where the Eighth Amendment claim,the United States Supreme Court has distinguished between two kinds if official conduct (1) That is part of the punishment formally imposed for a crime,and (2) that which does not purport to be punishment,such as conditions of confinement,medical care,and restoration of control over prisoners. See Wilson v.Seiter,501 U.S.294,297-303(l99l)( 8th Amendment prohibits only cruel and unusual punishment and the infliction of punishment is a deliberate act intended to chastise or deter. 1. My personal journey through the prison system facing with prison official's arbitrary,capricious actions depriving me of my human rights, and medical rights. The events surrounding these named*violations by prison officials on the date of July 3l,20l7,a podistrist evalute me and diagnosis me from suffering from a painful callus left foot,and hallux limitus left foot. The podistrist-—remommend hullux limius surgical correction to avoid breakdown of skin on left foot. 2. On December 8,20l7,I was transported to a Medical Center for surgery. The following surgery conducted on the following: Preoperative diagnosis painful hallux rigous painful sesamoid and contacted extension hallucis longus;procedure: Austinbunionectomy,removal of seamoid first proximal interphlangeal and extenson hallucis. 3. After the surgery a medical show was provided. During my experience recovering from the suregery the deteroration of my foot.and the human rights and medical rights begun. On February 20,20l8,a x ray was taken on the foot where a physican diagnois the following: Postopcharge related to osteolony and bunionectomy at the distan at the medical head the second metatarsal bone. The diagosis ostemeylitis. I was taken to a Medical Center and admitted. On Feburary 2l,20l8,A MIA were conducted and it were diagnosis that there no metalarial bone. The physicans instructed to prsion official's that I be seen seen by a podiatary within 5-7 days. After my expeerience I never been seen by a podistrist again. I used the prison administrative remedies process seeking relief "grievances," but to no avail. Lafterafter,I dicover through medical files that the podistrist prescribed me with medication Oxcabzepine 300,mg.Tb.for pain. In the month of August,20l8,I was providee with the medication after my discuvey. Laterafter,the mecication were taken from me. 4. The unauthorized bunionectomy removal in which cause me to suffer physical pain,and where prison officials delay in medical Care treatmentforlerosion and ostemyelitis. I am dying physically inside. I am left with a permenant damage to my foot with numbness to the foot and leg. I am one of many aging prisoner's behind these walls of confinement where prison official's where there is no legtimate interests to dee rive prisoners of their human rights as well as their medical rights. It must be determine whether prison official's culpable state of mind to deprive me and other prisoners of their rights can be found on the following reasons: (1) Racist prison official's (2) Prison officials in revenge from prisoner's exercising their rights; (3) prison officials who do not care whether a prisoner die or live. I am one of those prisoner's in which prison officials call a writ writer,a ("Make problems" for the slave—masters. Prisoner's who resist against wrongdoers are called problem maker's and they are black balled on a black list. As a prisoner name Crawford-El allegeschronic litigant. See Crawford-El v.Britton,293 U.S.D.C.47,95l F.2d l3l4,l329(D.C.l99l). Crawford'El, die of prostrate cancer because prison official's refuse to adequate provide medical care treatment. I faces a tragic events before relief when prison official's know that there is a substantial risk of serious harm will results. As the physican on February 20,20l8,diagnosis me with ostemgélitis. The law cruel and arbitrary,but prisoners rights as long are compatable with the objections of incarceration; See Wolff v.McDonnell,4l8 U.S.539,556 (l974),pgisoner right to due process subject to restriction imposed by nature of penal system. Wilkson v. Austin,545 U.S.209,222-23 (2005),prisioner retain due process right to freedom from restraint that imposes atypical and significant hardship on the inmate in relation to the ordinary incarceration of prison life. Lee v.Washington,390 U.S.333-34(l968), prisoners retain to equal protection of law. This year I will become 6 5 years old,where my aging comes with deteroration of health. -2-

Author: Hazel, Bobby E.

Author Location: Georgia

Date: February 11, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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