North Carolina prison mental manipulation

Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)



Willie Worley Jr. North Carolina Prison Mental Manipulation Our state prisons once carried the name, “The Department of Corrections” proudly. It would have been a good title if their top priority would have had anything to do with correcting the incarcerated persons aberrant behavior. Now North Carolina has adopted the name “Department of Public Safety. This name change is a slap in the face to prisoners, as well as residents of the state of North Carolina. The public need to be protected from prison administrators continuing mental manipulation. The first thing that probably comes to an individuals mind when they hear prisons, or prisoner is reform, justice punishment etc,. All those words sound suitable for incarceration, but in the tar heel state it’s a different story. Mental manipulation of the public is what make prison administrators tick. They have designed ways to deceive the public. They have orchestrated inappropriate departmental practices that is govern by rationalized policies and procedures that can only be described as troubling. It’s very important that residents get a understanding of what’s going on in North Carolina prisons. Our state prisons are alot like a couch-bed. One minute you have a couch, and the next minute, it folds out into a bed. Giving you very little indication that it was once a couch only a minute ago. North Carolina prison policies and procedures work alot like this couch-bed. One minute it seems to be fair and just. The next minute it’s tainted and corrupt in ways that are unimaginable. Their deceit is well orchestrated to be flexible in front of on-lookers. Just as the couch-bed performs. Let’s just refer to these deceptive and changeable acts of North Carolina prisons as the “couch-bed effect” or (CBE) for short. There is one certain (CBE) that troubles me the most. It may have started out for the good, but it has become something much much different. Prison Administrator’s in North Carolina have residents of this state thinking there is a high number of sexual assaults happening to young prisoners. It’s only my postulation, but if I had to guess why prison administrators would allow residents of North Carolina to think this, I would have to say it’s in support of dormitory and TV room video surveillance programs. Speaking as a incarcerated person for the last 14 years, I can say video surveillance implants has been a big boom throughout the state prisons that house open bed areas. It’s very important that residents understand the difference between prisoners that are charged with sexual violations in North Carolina. Prison Sexual Assault vs. Prison Sexual Act The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was probably the best bill President George W. Bush signed during his whole time as leader of this nation. “Sexual assaults” in North Carolina such as prison rapes is almost a thing of the past. Most sex violations that happen in this state’s youth and adult prisons today are written by female prison staff or male prison staff that suffers from personality disorder. Mainly it is the female prison staff that has the liberty to watch prisoners in private areas such as the bathrooms and showers. From 2009-2010 alone 2,939 sexual act infractions were written in North Carolina prisons. If a probe into this matter was conducted. It will reveal that these sexual violations was written by female prison workers. Not prisoner violating “The Prison Rape Elimination Act” that president George W. Bush signed in to law. Although I am not saying “prison rape” does not happen. It is very rare that it do. Prison administrators assign female prison workers to work sitting and lusting right infront of the showers. If a prisoner has gotten in to a bickering conversation with one of these females. Instead of writing him up for a “disrespect” charge, she will wait until he gets in the shower, fixing his pants, doing anything by his private area then accuse him of masturbating. The female prison workers know this charge will hurt the prisoner most. The prison administration will put up on their website that the prisoners was caught in a “sex act”. The female prison worker knows when the prisoner mother, daughter, sister, wife girlfriend etc., sees this on the website, it destroys something for the prisoner he has with his love ones. Then their is the male prison worker that suffers from personality disorder. He usually want attention or to be looked at a certain way although this type of male prison worker is rare. His number is growing every year. They only issue “sex act” infractions to prisoners that call them names or prisoners who they feel are a threat to their employment. Usually if one of these male prison workers make a sexual gesture to a prisoner he thought would comply, but did not. He will issue a “sex act” write up. This write up will stop any type of grievance of sexual harassment the prisoner writes on the male prison worker. North Carolina prisons will not allow you to grieve a disciplinary process. Correctional practices of this nature is troubling. North Carolina prisoners only chance of fighting this unusual practice is to inform the public to inform top prison administrators. Once prison administrators see that you understand the real nature behind their couch and bed routines. Maybe the will not be so reluctant to begin to make a change.

Author: Worley, Willie, Jr. (Intelligence Journalist)

Author Location: North Carolina

Date: 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 7 pages

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