Now in prison right along

Undercover Soldier



Now in prison right along threat group & gangs. I set in my cell dealing with the symbolic black mail of the African American culture. Now the punishment I endure in here. Pertain equivalent to a civil war reenactment. Everyday threat of retaliation, along with slander, and discrimination. Then the misuse of the judicial prison system in means of extortionist. Using inexcusable methods of collection from tools involving. Wrongful punishment. Coercon of violence. Intentional infliction of mental suffering. The reverse psychology from the resented group think of symbolic fen who are addicted to being symbolic. All the pressure from the state trammeling my progress down. The racism of everyone of these sorry pathetic symbols. Making bad calls constantly. The racism from this country makes me too never want to play-ball for this country. Or anything involved in the Olympic games. The extreme measure African American/Mexicans go to historically claim offended. Especially the African culture that symbolically appraise Rubin Carter who never left his cell because of threat of violence. Then Nelson Mandela who is appraised for threatening the lives of the country of African. But was housed alone safe where no offender could even have ties to the spoiled Deranged mad man. Who has his wife stay by his side for 27 yrs, dragged her through misery. With entrapment. Then the first think he did free was divorce the women. Who carried and picked up his weight and their children. For 27 years alone. Now with a black african american President. Who we all know as Obama. I set in here dealing with every official in prison. Rendering, and trammeling the grievance system. Along with threat of retaliation. That is extreme, very un-ordinary. Now I deal with discrimination. An prison officials, groups, gangs. Who label me as a racist. For a form of conniving, manipulative reverse phychology. Along with corporate crimes that wrong. Corporate are suppose to hold a value not include organized crimes. Constantly the approval from the others. As a "benefiting party" go to the extreme to disapprove. As if my weight is the resented hard thing to pick up in basketball/ boxing. With the symbolic nature of me being white. Along with basic white slavery, and free labor still going on. Now even with the corporate untouchables who rigidly reflect. Such as Drank, then the passive market Rhinna has to. Along with Adam Leviene with no values being kept for the vulgar threatening conversation these people take to the extreme. On the inside with the other party going along on the outside. Symbolically proving themselves as racist, boycotting thieves and masterminds of crime. The gross violation. As I am now victimized. Forced to be housed with violent offenders at G4 level being the best. Then always the weary behavior of all others. Even thow there values, and conduct are not numbering out accordingly to the attitudes they posses. It is very offending dealing with this infinite game. When at all challenging spatial testing I excel in. An am better in most all. Including quarter mile, racing, basketball, "pound 4 pound boxing". Those are the ones that are not hobbies. Hobby wise golf, baseball, handball,... Them too. Now I stay forced in here. For racism so I'm not symbolically appraised for these things I can do. For why is it that these symbolic history sympathy cases were treated So ideally perfect. One Madelen the biggest threat, babied and nurtured. Along were no threat could pull, and threaten. Then why am I leaned on like Rubin Carter who wouldn't come out of his cell for fear of violence. But yet still punished by officials wrongfully with every altercation. Giving who the upper hand to manipulate? Very rigid. While I'm leaned on by Rubin Carter then deprived and manipulated by prison officials. So I never seem symbolically dominate. In my dominion domain. Now has is this symbolic nature "fun"?? I Ask?

Author: Undercover Soldier

Author Location: Texas

Date: April 21, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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