Nurture and environment

Griffith, Douglas L., Jr.



Nurture and Environment I credit my creator the Father, Jēsous (Jesus), the Holy Ghost with blessing me to understand that there are four ways of living and that they can fluctuate throughout our life: Poor nurture and poor environment, poor nurture and good environment, good nurture and poor environment, and good nurture and good environment. I begin the exploration of nurture and environment with the most challenging way of life... Poor nurture and poor environment. The harsh reality of this way of life is that it will be filled with adversity and difficulty. However, what appears as poor nurture and poor environment may simply be a modern view shunning the original way of living which once existed and predominated. In other words, the old way of living has been left behind and pushed away from our minds; thus, rendering us to be judgmental, fearful, anxious, angry, and even hateful toward each other. An example of this is the recent outbreak of Corona virus Pandemic. The modern societies look at poor nurtured and poor environmental societies with scorn and grossness because of the fear of death. This needs not be; we owe it to ourselves to reach out to others with concern, empathy, patience, and love. We live in the only habitable planet in the universe and must start living with this thought instead of the deception that we need to become space travelers -- We already are! Let's invest in improving poor nuture and poor environment on space ship Earth. Poor nurture and good environment is the curse of every society that fails to invest in its population. Even the united states is plagued by this because 2 it has been unable to lift the poor, homeless, disadvantaged out of poor nurture. It is clear that lifting the economy alone will not help the majority to keep themselves because nurture (and not just economic environment) is something that must actively take place between caring, loving people; not greedy motivation. Another curse is the destruction of natural (good) environment to be replaced by artificial (perceived good environment) -- cites -- and then we delude ourselves into thinking that the solution is space exploration. Oh my God, what deception, delusion, shortsightedness to think and pursue such futile endeavor. Just having a good environment will not suffice for the existance and growth of humanity. Good nurture and poor environment is what can be characterized as a situation which individuals in all societies find themselves even those who are imprisoned. At first it was difficult to live with loss of freedom and liberties (poor environment), but now that 25 years of imprisonment have transpired and that Jēsous has nurtured me, I focus on this next to optimal way of life. By receiving spiritual nurture (good nurture), I am able to endure the adverse circumstances (poor environment). Members of society likewise benefit from wisdom revealed long ago (Proverbs 22:6) -- "Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it." Yes, good nurture with the challenge of poor environment can tip the scale in the favor of individual success. 3 Good nurture and good environment is the optimal way of living. This comes with questions... What is good environment? Isn't it foolish to say there is no God (Pslam 14:1), after all He created a perfectly complemented environment? Is it not shortsighted to continue destroying the Earth He provided? Can we really do better than the environment which has been providing for us. Why not focus on nurturing people as Psychologist know we need to? This is where we function at our best... Caring for each other; good nurture. So, lets focus on spiritual to physical well-being; we will do much better until we face the inevitable--death. I know man has learned that life on Earth is to one day end... Even men of past millennia knew this. Now some think they can "save" humanity by traveling to Mars - Reality is is that there is only one savior - Jēsous. He is scheduled to return with a new Heaven and a new Earth according to 2 Peter 3:9. I have presented the four ways of life which can fluctuate during ones existence; not the good old nurture versus environment. Let us be good to our good spaceship Earth! Douglas L. Griffith, Jr. Mule Creek State Prison P.O. Box 409089 Ione, CA 95640 May 31, 2020; Sunday

Author: Griffith, Douglas L., Jr.

Author Location: California

Date: May 31, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 3 pages

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