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Lewis, Teddy



4/28/17 Re: NY State Prison: If I could tell you my story about NY state prison I would tell you how "psychologically shocking" it is. I would tell you that today I could have literally lost my life over a petty situation evolving around material things that I will not cherish ever. NY state prison is designed to destroy black men in particular, (especially the ones who are really trying to educate, reform, and rehabilitate the positivity that we each hold buy nature. I notice that the legislation and present court system in NY has the largest prison system in the world yet no one is challenging this system for justice, freedom and equality. I wish to express my love gratitude and respect to Hamilton College, and the many "organizations" that are trying to break down the door, that has been shut for so long. Unfortunately: NY city has very powerful laws designed to punish convicted: "persistent felons", for crimes:, which are more in need of program style assessments rather than being sent to state prison. I find that we need advocates to go before legislation in Albany and in Washington to convince them too reconsider the prison system. Today is 4/28/17 and I have: served: "15 years and 10 months roughly of a "21 year to life sentence. You can see my case on any available website computer at http://www.courts.state.ny.us/reporter/3dseries/2006/20 "People vs Lewis" My lawyer that recently came into my life told me that he may be able to raise a very strong issue for me pertaining to "erroneous adjudication" on my second felony conviction on my previous sentence under indictment 9648/97. I am presenting waiting and hoping. Please pray for me. Meanwhile, I sit inside Green Haven Correctional Facility where I have been for the last two years. I have lived and survived for the last 15 years in: most of the "maximum state facilities here in NY, and words cannot explain my pain. Despite it all, I'm determined to eventually get out of here and establish a great life for myself and others. I see that the officers and the chain of command don't really want to see any of us make it, but I believe I have come this far for a definite reason. I am so thankful to God for blessing me to write these words, which I hope can inspire many at some point in their life... I watch the department of corrections cleverly keep us as inmate/prisoners: so separated, dirty, and confused. I watch cheap chemical agents of generic soybean, stimulate and destroy our digestion and our bodies. I watch how outside agencies are cleverly being kept away from us or from entering inside prison to investigate: the living conditions we deal with daily: I watch so many men run back and forth to the: "yard" instead of going to law library to learn too fight their cases and try too get back in court. NY state prison is filled with very tragic situations but I still see hope and victory somehow, some way. Despite it all, the reason I'm writing you is to say thank you for an opportunity to keep trying. Thank you for being there during a very dark and critical time in my life. Although I am in the general: population, I feel so isolated tired: and so alone. I have no real family or "friends" but I sense that eventually things will change. I know that today is the time to strive as never before; knowing the outcome is filled with freedom and chance. Today I believe in the staff at Hamilton College to continue being leaders in the many fields of progress that make us all proud. Thank you for reading this letter, and for your time. Peace.

Author: Lewis, Teddy

Author Location: New York

Date: April 28, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 6 pages

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