Ohio ‘Parole’ Board gears up for next round of high jinks




i”0hio ‘Parole’ Board GEARS UP For NEXT ROUND Of HIGH JINKS” when you're marooned on an island long enough, every glint of light on water can begin to resemble a rescue ship. So it has been with each new “promise” from the 'parole' board (or from the "Department Of Corrections") that, if you do such-and-such "program" for a year—or—two, MAYBE at the end of that time, they'll “consider” letting you go... And so it is with the LATEST ploy — the NEWEST subter- fuge - the NEXT in a long line of (COSTLY) tricks to stall for time while they conjure—up mggg twists and MORE (ENDLESS) ”programs”....... Supposedly this newest one is to ADD 18 months—to—2 years in which to “prepare” or “ready” (learning to "balance a checkbook“ and to “use a cellular telephone" !?) a:prisonerH‘:' to be “considered” for Vpossible” release (NO guarantees,but ”possib1e”.....). 'Prepare' WHAT !? For twenty or more years those Prison- ers have been preparing THEMSELVES, while enduring every kind of suffering and hardship that would have BROKEN the average citizen: among them the daily grind~grind—grind on the mind, on the nerves, on the patience; the heat~and~humidity; the freezing cold; the flies; the tiny rooms; the bare walls; hard concrete floors; hard bunks; hard benches; bland food; angry, abusive guards; back-sass and threats and pushing—around from cocky "New Law” toughs; poor medical care..... And YEARS of this COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED simply be RE- LEASING them when they became ELIGIBLE! Yes, they're READY! Ready to leave all of that behind them and to do whatever it takes NEVER to return! * The 'parole' board love “programs,” which PERPETUATE their $100,000 JOBS, while THEY get to “play GOD9§ * The D.R.C. love the money that the programs bring. It is time to say WWHOA !!!! The “Old Law" have HAD ENOUGH ! Cut the Stalling ! BRING THEM OUT 2!"

Author: Raedwulf

Author Location: Ohio

Date: April 11, 2017

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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