Ok, I am now 25 years old

Chavez, William



William Chavez Arizona [No Title] Ok, i am now 25 years old. This is my first time in prison. i came in at 19 years old. i am of African American, Hawaiian, and Mexican, ethnicity. i was born in los Angeles and move to Hawaii when i was 8 year's old. Due to my crazy life in los Angeles i ended up getting cought up in the system. so by age 13 i was running away from home living on the streets and going back and forth from Detention Home and the streets Then by age 17 i ended up in Boyz Home (H. Y. C. F) until the age of 19. 4 months later i ended up with my charges im in prison for now. i was in and out of the county jail then got sentence in 2011 i am now 25 and have 5 more year to go i just did 5 year so im half way through. i am willing to contribute to the American prison writing Archive in any way i can so please if there's anyway i can help let me and i will. i was also wondering if there's any reading material or any thing from you guyz to help me out like pen-pals, books, magazine, or newspaper? Just woundering. Well thanks for you time. Transcribed: 2017-01

Author: Chavez, William

Author Location: Arizona

Date: October 15, 2016

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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