On behalf of all my robust singel supermothers

Brother of Strange Struggle



1st Entry By: Brother of Strange Struggle [address redacted] On behalf of all of my robust single supermothers specifically to my beloved children's mother, Ms. [redacted]. I write this missive from the deepest part of my heart, with genuine, sincere intentions and a earnest mindframe. I begin from the solitude of my confinement and with a developed mental state maturity. I, a Brother of Strange Struggle on behalf of my confined fathers want to truly apologize for our actions, absence and failures to our children and loving women. Personally this duration of being separated from yall has been a painful truth allowing me to realize how I have failed as a father, a companion and mostly as a man. This pain has revealed my inner self and exposed who I have been. A person of the same characteristics that I've vowed not to become. A hypocrite to young men of my society and a womanizer to women of the same situation. I was driven by self-centeredness and became anxious to improve my circumstances, but unwilling to improve myself. My suffering assisted me becoming self-conscious and emotionally vulnerable. A man who does not shrink from self-crucifixion can never fail to accomplish the object upon which his heart is set. In which my heart is set on the objectives of redeeming my rightful place in life. 1st by hopefully we can resolve our differences and mend our relationship. Also by being a positive productive citizen in our society, and mostly to be the proficient father & leader of the household eventually becoming the man I should be in life. Over time I've endured this soul deep, resentful empathy for all single mothers and fatherless children. For this I speak from my sympathetic heart and not that I'm the chosen one too address this fact on behalf of all of us confined fathers. However, I'm man enough to acknowledge the problem and hopefully others will also. In conclusion I, Brother of Strange Struggle send a big-shout-out and ask for yall ladies to accept this outspoken apology and grant us the opportunity for yall to experience the anew man, companion and Father before you.

Author: Brother of Strange Struggle

Author Location: Texas

Date: May 20, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 1 pages

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