On divine onlooks

Torres, Eduardo



On Divine Onlooks Eduardo Torres [ID] 11-19-19 The search of tomorrow is not of pleasure but of the source of pain. We can open possibilities through development but can only open the mind by searching. But I don't mean to bring up the mind but to alleviate it. Composition is divine because its nature allows perfection and imperfection. Through searching the mind can become wise and healthy. God allows people to be born and live with free will and consequences. Therefore, today we have misinformation on free will's purpose and the understanding of consequence. First, I'll explain that consequences are either bad or good and can be corrupted by previous choices. Secondly, I'll explain free will's purpose might be for harmony in celestial destiny blueprints. Lastly, I'll explain that today there's people who abuse free will to destroy perfection of God's plan by making consequences for themselves and others through self harm firstly and lastly. People search for meaning at first humbly and lastly greedily it's a never ending cycle for some. Meaning easily dives right into God's dominion of purposes and deterrences. Without God in people's minds they become greedy and feed their addiction at any cost to themselves or others. Waiting for Armageddon because of this fact is eye opening because of the information that leaves the composure of evil to onlookers of good. In order to have perfect composure we need to look at the horrible people that disturb our peace by trial and error until we succeed. Demonic devils live off ignorant people who know nothing of good and bad. They are prevalent, you know them, and suspect nothing, and you need to use their damages on you against them. Don't get crazy, life was good for only one person at the beginning of time. by Eduardo Jose Torres [ID]

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: November 19, 2019

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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