On natural life

Torres, Eduardo



On Natural Life CDCR Torres I saw how little restraint society has with law enforcement since a young age. I mean how little intervention exists between freedom and incarceration. School is about the only resource the government funds to keep children and adults alike in their counsel and observation. When families fail there's a young individual who suddenly needs to drop all their dreams and ambitions and live the cold world without shelter. Shelter that doesn't exist in the 21st century despite countless of casualties usually from minority communitys, families, and cultures. If a referment to special needs existed the actual need for those special needs would dramaticly decrease and an overall improvement would surface in the public. Something like extra school, religious study, or physical exercise should be mandatory or should've been in many people's lives. If those mandates would exist there would be a dramatic decrease in crime, incarceration, and other wastes of potential. Under new rules a new potential and limits of actual progress would be created. Like a warning before actual incarceration for serious crime, or a strong recommendation and support for a failing but otherwise bright students to extra schooling; any thing that shows our expectations for success instead of expectations for failure would make a dramatic positive influence in society. Young individuals do not deserve to have a tough upbringing if they hold within their power to reach for help in this democratic wealthy republic. Like I said, the future of this country deserves shelter from the problems of the past so they can grow, achieve, and be able to have a head start. I believe that the smallest effort will change the entire course of the future. I know the education they have in public schools is 90% mediocre and 5% real education and useful education. -ET

Author: Torres, Eduardo

Author Location: California

Date: July 2, 2020

Genre: Essay

Extent: 2 pages

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