On this is the case they gave me, …

Carroll, Richard W.



Title: On this is the case they gave me,... Copyright (C) 2015 by Wesley R. Carroll Six foot eleven, so the state says, /Straight out of heaven./ Two hundred forty, the state says again,/Like Old [8?] glory./A daughter to [illegilbe] acting quite dizzy,/Another close friend loving to pretend, That is all quite well and [illegible] swell. When in Virginia, orange dirt and all,/They saw me run the track from daylight to sunset./ Many wonder to this very day,/ "Just how does he do it...How did he do that?"/Little did they know, little do they know,/That I did not do it all alone. Right by my side, clear within illusionary sight,/That second wind utopia, as they call it,/There by my side is you, as when you were so small,/Just running and talking,/Right by my side, all the day long. Thus I ran day in and day out,/You beside me all the time through,/Yet the real you now leaves much to be desired./The you now, as you so often said,/Just don't have time for me. The you now won't write or call,/As if you don't give a dam at all./ Often I wonder, just how can this be,/That all of a sudden, now,/Grown up, mature, an adult and all,/How in the world can this be,/That now, you just don't have time for me? I really worked hard to make your little ass,/Your mom had thoughts of aborting your ass,/But now all of a sudden,/You feel I require too much of your time,/In my simple request just to hear from you./Wow, what a fucking trip,/Finding out that my precious offspring, Has so totally flipped. Six foot eleven so the state says,/Two hundred forty, the state says again,/ a daughter too busy, acting quite dizzy,/Another close friend loving to pretend,/Whatever happened to my daughter, phone calls or mail? Conviction finally many years later overturned,/Falsely imprisoned judicial corruption and all,/About to come home with plenty of [loot?],/Guess who I do not plan to see,/Someone (those) who I had thought,/Was (were) an integral part of me./ Guess who, On this is the case they gave me...

Author: Carroll, Richard W.

Author Location: Pennsylvania

Date: April 29, 2017

Genre: Poetry

Extent: 1 pages

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